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Nathan Sykes is officially back on the music scene with today’s release of his new single ‘Give It ...

Nathan Sykes On His Banned Music Video: 'I'm Not As Innocent As People Thought'

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Nathan Sykes is officially back on the music scene with today’s release of his new single ‘Give It Up’ and my, hasn’t he come back with a bang?

Fans of the 23-year-old were left shocked when the music video to Nathan’s feel-good summer track was pulled from TV networks after being deemed too sexually explicit for viewers, so when we caught up with the star earlier this week we just had to get to the bottom of the scandal.

Speaking about the video, Nathan exclusively told Yahoo Celeb: “It was a bit too sexually intense for TV. I was shocked in a way but when we were filming it there was a lot more to it and I think the fast pace of the editing is what made it 'bannable’.

"We went back to the editing suite and sorted out any issues and thankfully we are getting some amazing support from the video TV channels so now we have two versions; one for TV and the full version.”

Admitting the reasons behind the raunchy vid, Nathan went on to tell us that he was hoping to show his fans a new side of him, explaining: “I just found it interesting because 'Over And Over Again’ showed one side of me, a very passionate and romantic side that is quite sweet and cute, and I suppose this is straight to the point.

"A lot more grown up and confident, I don’t think people would have expected me to do that. They thought I was quite innocent and quite shy but everybody has a few different sides to them and I wanted to show that to people.”

So which side is most like the 'real’ Nathan Sykes then?

“It depends on how many drinks I’ve had if I’m honest,” Nathan joked, “If i’m in a relationship you get the 'Over and Over’ again side, the very sweet side… But you do get confident every now and then…”


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