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Almost three million people in Britain are in ‘distressed’ relationships where they regularly conte...

Nearly Three Million Brits In ‘Distressed Relationships’ Regularly Contemplate Divorce

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Almost three million people in Britain are in ‘distressed’ relationships where they regularly contemplate divorce, according to new research.

The Relationship Distress Monitor report outlines how parenting stresses and financial pressures are leaving almost 1.4 million families at breaking point.

It is also claimed that the effects of constant bickering and stresses at home have a ‘far-reaching’ impact on children, who are then more likely to fall into antisocial behaviour and crime.

Dr David Marjoribanks, senior policy officer at the charity Relate, which carried out the report, said: ‘It is not just the actual breakdown of the relationship itself, it’s specifically the conflict that surrounds that.

‘It means that when relationships end it is not deemed to inevitably harm children, far from it. The point is it is the conflict in intact relationships that can be just as damaging, as when relationships end.

‘Children who grow up with parents who have highly conflicted relationships are much more likely to have mental and physical health problems, to not do as well at school and end up in antisocial behaviour and criminality even.’

Researchers shed light on the state of relationships across the UK by analysing data from UK household study Understanding Society, and found that some 18 percent of married or cohabiting couples were in distressed relationships between 2013-14. 

Dr Marjoribanks added: ‘There is a pattern of relationship strain increasing during recession years, and that is very much what we would expect.

‘Where economic strain increases, for example low income, unemployment, a build up of debt, the strain on the relationship increases.’

The study also found that one in ten partners occasionally regret getting married or living together, while 9 percent said they occasionally consider divorce or separation. 

Relate counsellor Arabella Russell added: ‘Through my work I see countless couples in distressed relationships. 

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