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Actress Kim Tae Ri, who has been cast for director Park Chan Wook's new film, 'Miss (workin...

New actress Kim Tae Ri @ press junket for movie 'Miss'

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Actress Kim Tae Ri, who has been cast for director Park Chan Wook's new film, 'Miss (working title),' is becoming the center of attention among many movie fans and netizens.

New actress Kim Tae Ri is going to make her official debut through director Park Chan Wook's new film, 'Miss (working title),' which was invited to 'The 69th Cannes International Film Festival.'

Kim Tae Ri played in 'Miss' as an orphan named Sook Hee, who gets raised by a fence. Sook Hee decides to assist a count in a plot that he sets up to steal a wealthy young lady's fortune, but she starts falling in confusion as the young lady treats her with sincerity.

'Miss,' which sets in 1930's, evolves around a wealthy young lady who gets tremendous fortune inherited, and a count who attempts to take over the fortune. Kim Min Hee, Ha Jung Woo, Jo Jin Woong, and Kim Tae Ri played in the film as lead roles, and it will be officially released in Korea next month.

On May 2nd, Kim Tae Ri attended a press junket that was held at Westin Choson Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul, and she captured reporters' attention with her enigmatic charms.

It was the first time for Kim Tae Ri to participate in an official event, and during the press junket, she said, "I am about to die from nervousness, to be honest."

Kim Tae Ri was born in 1990, and she first made her TV debut as a commercial model. Commercials that she appeared on include commercials of SK Telecom, Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Sportism, and The Body Shop.

It is said that 'Miss' will show Kim Tae Ri and Kim Min Hee's homosexual relationship as well, and many movie fans are showing huge anticipation for her performance.

Below are photos from the press junket.

Kim Tae Ri attends press junket for movie 'Miss'


Kim Tae Ri attends her first official film promotion schedule

Kim Tae Ri @ the first press junket of her career

Kim Tae Ri diffusing irresistible charms at press junket for movie 'Miss'

Kim Tae Ri says her first hello to reporters

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