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His fans know him as an actor who is forever smiling, is carefree, walks into a party with a boom...

No One Should Be Subjected To Seeing My Darker Side, Reveals Ranveer Singh!

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His fans know him as an actor who is forever smiling, is carefree, walks into a party with a boom box and breaks into an impromptu jig wherever he feels like. Ranveer Singh is known for crazy antics and not only the audiences or fans, even the B-Town folks love him for the way he is.

However, in a tete-a-tete with a popular magazine, Ranveer revealed his darker side, his image of an intense lover and how he deals between stardom and relationships.

On being asked if he has a darker side, Ranveer said, “Of course, I have a darker side, everybody does. But nobody gets to see my darker side, except me. No one should be subjected to seeing my dark side. Maybe, you’ll see it on the screen someday.”

Ranveer further spoke about how it’s ‘a funky time for love’ and how he juggles between his stardom and relationships. “If your stardom is increasing, it comes to brasstacks, the ‘X’ amount of hours in a day. So if your stardom is increasing, that means there’s a demand on your time and your personal relationships. Then you have to fight hard to maintain them. You have to make the time to nurture your relationships. People who really love you will understand. But rising stardom does take a toll on personal relationships, be it with your parents, friends or lover.”

For many, Ranveer comes across as an intense lover but has he ever dealt with heartbreak? “It’s not been easy at all when you have to go through the turmoil. Those times are hard, you feel like a zombie, an empty vessel. You feel like you are walking with a cloud on your head. It’s tough, but it time heals everything.” 

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