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Ramsay Bolton sends his regards. No, the Game of Thrones sadist didn’t actually utter those wor...

Offed Game of Thrones Star Reflects on 's Surprise Death: 'A Lot of People Are Going to Be Very Happy'

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Ramsay Bolton sends his regards.

No, the Game of Thrones sadist didn’t actually utter those words in Sunday’s episode, but he might as well have: The bastard’s attack on his father, Roose Bolton, was as surprising — and fatal — as the blow Roose struck Robb Stark at Season 3’s infamous Red Wedding.

Roose’s death, an event that has not yet occurred in George R. R. Martin’s novels, happened just after the Bolton men learned that Roose’s wife Walda had given birth to a son — AKA a legitimate heir, and a threat to Ramsay’s future status as head of the family.

The murder was a long-awaited payback for the loathed traitor. (As fans will recall, the elder Bolton was the mastermind behind the massacre at Edmure Tully’s nuptials; as he jabbed a blade into Robb Stark’s belly, he said, “The Lannisters send their regards.” Robb’s mother, Catelyn, and his pregnant wife, Talisa, also died that night.)

The Lord of the Dreadfort was so due for karmic comeuppance that star Michael McElhatton wasn’t shocked when he heard he’d be Season 6’s first major death, the actor tells TVLine in an exclusive interview.

After Ned Stark’s sudden, horrifying death in Season 1 of the HBO series, “You’re always aware that anybody can go at any time,” McElhatton says a few weeks before the episode airs. “One of the great achievements of Game of Thrones is that everybody knows at least 10 characters are going to die every year, and yet it is always a shock when they do die. It’s a tremendous testament to the writing and direction and everything that you still get shocked and surprised by that.” He laughs. “Hopefully, it will have the same effect on the audience when I buy it.”

Read on for more of our chat with McElhatton, including his thoughts on what drastic measure Daddy Deadliest might’ve taken if Ramsay hadn’t struck the final blow.

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