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The world of television has definitely changed over the years. There’s no denying narratives have become more representative of our moder...

Oi, TV peeps ... #freetheperiod

The world of television has definitely changed over the years. There’s no denying narratives have become more representative of our modern society. We’ve got gay couples, powerful women taking what’s theirs, female masturbation, it’s all there. And now I ask for the land of TV to go one step further and tell more stories about the natural experience that is menstruation.

It’s not a lot to ask, is it? I mean, it is something that all women experience at some point in their lives and let’s be honest, it is a fucking nuisance. What makes it even more of an irritant is just how taboo the subject still is. The mere mention of “time of the month” to a group of people and you see the awkward smile spread across their faces. Male people, especially, are still under the illusion that menstruation is something women should deal with behind closed doors. Well, I am here to say no more! 

I believe that all my life crisis have been sorted by television and this is no exception. I think that if more TV shows portrayed periods as the norm more people would be comfortable acknowledging it in real life. And I don’t mean including periods in a plot where the wife is being a “big time bitch” because of “the red monster”. PMS is a thing but it’s not the only thing. Let’s get some adult female plots going. Let’s get our fave kwans to discuss the feels of passing a blood clot or the horrors of the “first day”.

If gore is what TV execs are worried about then I call bullshit. There is a hell of a lot of blood in Game of Thrones. (FYI, I refer to GOT as there are times where it feels like a bloody massacre is taking place in my uterus, just like in the show.) What was that? People don’t want to hear about menstruation? I’m afraid I have to disagree with you there. I know a whole bunch of people who want to see the menstruation cycle portrayed on TV. As for those who don’t, well, you can suck it.

I have some perfect examples where the period narrative would’ve made for a great plot. You know that episode of Friends where Rachel takes ages to get ready for Ross’s big dinner/speech thing. Well, wouldn’t it have made for a better story that the reason she was taking forever was because she was on the third day of her period, felt bloated and nothing would fit her? It’s way more relatable than oh, Rachel is taking forever because she can’t decide what to wear because she has too many clothes. 

Or what about a show where a woman becomes a crazed drug dealer/serial killer as a reaction to the murder-suicide that takes place in her womb once a month? See, periods can be interesting and they can be really funny. I’ve got so many hilarious stories where menstruation played a huge part, so I just don’t get why it isn’t incorporated into more TV shows. To this day, my favourite film quote is “It’s not my fault I have a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina” (Mean Girls, 2004). A period is painful, it can be embarrassing, and messy but it should not be silenced.  It’s mother nature’s gift to us after all.