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Pamela Anderson (Photo Courtesy: W magazine) Having spent the majority of her life well aware t...

Pamela Anderson Says She Likes Aging

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Pamela Anderson (Photo Courtesy: W magazine)

Having spent the majority of her life well aware that teenaged boys everywhere are storing her photos under mattresses, in sock drawers, or in whatever other godforsaken place, it’s understandable why Pamela Anderson feels at ease with the process of aging. 

No one could argue that Anderson hasn’t gone through it, but at 48, she’s come out on the other end.

“I actually like aging,” the blond bombshell says in an interview with W magazine. “I have great older female role models in my life, including my amazing mom, who have glitz, glamour, and all sorts of fun. Getting older isn’t the end. I know I have so much to look forward to.”

Pamela Anderson (Photo Courtesy: W magazine)

In a new short film, Connected, Anderson tackles aging head-on, via her character Jackie, a spin instructor looking for purpose. Anderson says it’s a struggle to which she relates.

“Aging is something we all deal with,” she says. “At a certain age, you can find yourself at a loss. Your children are grown. You may have gone through a divorce. You’re trying to find meaning. What’s your purpose now? You’ve raised your kids, and now they think you’re a little crazy, because you’re trying to do all these self-help things. You become distant from everybody. You’re searching for answers. If I do all these things to look younger — the creams, the classes, the supplements, the procedures — I’ll be more accepted by my kids, my friends, men. You’re dealing with so much loss at this age. It seems like everything is behind us, so what’s next? We took a lot of things for granted —youth, beauty. But now what?”

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