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Quantico on Sunday wrapped its season-long mystery — who was really behind the Manhattan bombings...

Quantico EP Talks Choosing a Bomber, 's Fatal Sacrifice, Alex/Ryan Drama and the CIA in Season 2

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Quantico on Sunday wrapped its season-long mystery — who was really behind the Manhattan bombings? — tighter than a NAT’s henley left too long in the clothes dryer.

As revealed last week, Liam was the driving force behind the carnage originally blamed on Agent Alex Parrish… but he wasn’t the only one. So after we watched a quick rewind of Liam’s whereabouts while pulling the whole shebang together (set to a pretty great orchestral arrangement of Peter Gabriel’s “Digging in the Dirt”), we witnessed Alex & Co. realize that their former teacher was their current nemesis — and then hunt him down before he could set off a nuclear bomb at that year’s FBI academy graduation.

Why did Liam want to destroy the FBI? To cut off the head of a corrupt organization, to spill blood so all of the lying and rewriting of history could end. (We didn’t say it was a sane motive.) Alex and Ryan eventually take him out by shooting him multiple times — once between the eyes — in a Quantico dorm.

But the gang soon realizes that Liam’s bomb can’t be defused, and really terrible stuff is about to go down. So Simon grabs the device, jump in a car and sacrifice himself by driving the nuke off a bridge so its destruction and fallout would be contained underwater.

At Simon’s funeral, Alex has deduced that now-vice president Claire Haas was in on Liam’s insanity… and when the politician doesn’t deny it, Caleb overhears everything. Later, after Alex has been let go from the FBI for being too recognizable (?), she is recruited by a mysterious man who offers her another gig: a position at the CIA. As the episode ends, Alex is poised to give the man her answer.

So what did Alex decide? And what will Season 2 of the ABC drama look like? We went straight to showrunner Joshua Safran for some answers.

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