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By her own admission, a lot has changed for Sunny Leone in the last few months after she held her own in her (in)famous TV interview earlie...

Sunny Leone: One-night stand is perfectly okay if you’re single and safe

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By her own admission, a lot has changed for Sunny Leone in the last few months after she held her own in her (in)famous TV interview earlier this year. As her latest flick One Night Stand hits the screens tomorrow, SpotboyE catches up with Sunny for a heart-to-heart as she talks about her film, behaving like a “crazy fan” in front of SRK and more. Excerpts:

How did you feel when a film came to you with its title as One Night Stand?

The director Jasmine D’Souza’s husband Tony D’Souza came to me with the script. I have worked with him before, so I trusted him on the subject and did not go by the title. I knew he wasn’t going to make it look shady. And when Jasmine narrated the story to me, I thought it was really interesting.

Was it tough shooting for intimate scenes with your co-star Tanuj Virwani?

I think there is a common misconception that it is one big party to shoot such scenes. Shooting for hot scenes is a very systematic shot-by-shot process. And Tanuj is a respectable young man. We talked through everything we were going to do. And the scenes were shot by a woman director, Jasmine and I think that makes a huge difference on how scenes were shot in terms of aesthetics.

So what's your take on one-night stands?

If you are single and your physical emotions take over your mind and as long as you are safe, it is okay. It is mutual consent between a man and a woman. What they want to do behind the closed doors is none of my business. But I do think that when people, who are married or are in a committed relationship, have a one-night stand, there are a lot more people affected than just the two in question.

People had a certain idea about you, which changed post your recent (in)famous TV interview. How did all that happen?

Don't remind me that again! I was fidgeting the whole time and waiting to get out of the interview. After the camera stopped rolling, I told the journalist, “Sir, you will be going back to your family after this.” But he thought the questions he asked me were absolutely okay. So what can I do? I was very upset about it but I saw my fans supporting me. People started to respect me as a human being because before that, they didn’t think I was a human. A lot of things changed after that.

Post that interview, even Aamir Khan came forward and said that he wants to work with you…

I know (laughs). I was shocked. I was happy with one message from him, but then there were two.

So can we expect a movie with Aamir?

I have met him, but nothing has happened on the movie front yet. At this moment, I am enjoying the fact that I got to meet someone I have always wanted to meet.

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