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Sunny Leone, the Indo-Canadian porn star turned actor has delivered surprises when you have least expected her to be. She recently turned...

Sunny speaks up for gender equality

Sunny Leone, the Indo-Canadian porn star turned actor has delivered surprises when you have least expected her to be. She recently turned author with the book Sweet Dreams that has 12 short erotic thrillers written by her. And that’s not all, she is also advocating gender equality in her latest movie One Night Stand. In a candid chat, Sunny talks of her reasons for doing the movie and the book and how media’s perception has changed about her.

Sunny turned author with the book

Sweet Dreams.

Source: Instagram

Q. Tell us about Sweet Dreams. Why did you decide to turn author and how has the experience been?
Juggernaut, that’s putting across these stories through their app came to me with this idea and I thought why not. I have had ideas in my head earlier but had never written it down. Each short story of about 2000 words is on a certain topic and some of these topics were given to me and the rest I thought of. I have written it keeping women readers in mind and their sensitivity. It’s subtle in language and gripping. The experience has been very satisfying as this is what I wanted to do.

The cover image of Sunny’s new book

Source: Instagram

Q. One Night Stand is an erotic thriller again. Don’t you fear being typecast into such movies in Bollywood?
More than an erotic thriller, the movie is about gender equality. It is not preachy, but it send out a strong message that we can’t judge people on the basis of one thing. If a man does something like a one night stand we are ok but if a girl does it we look down upon her. This is a serious subject and it has been made with the right sensitivity.

Q. What’s your personal view about One Night Stand?
One night stands are quite common in Indian cities and all over the world. If you are single and your physical emotions take over then there’s nothing wrong in going ahead. But if you are married or are committed then you should think twice. There are consequences and that’s what the movie shows.

Q. How do you think women can change the gender equations and be more empowered?
Women must speak up about their rights. They don’t have to wake up and say I have to be stronger. They should start by making small little choices around them that will make them assertive. Be it household chores, they need to speak about what they would do and what they expect the man to do rather than agreeing to do everything themselves.

Q. Post your interview with CNN IBN journalist a lot of support from Bollywood actors and other journalists poured in for you. Do you feel media’s perception about you has changed? 
When I was being questioned, I was feeling uncomfortable and shier and people must have seen it. The questions that the journalist asked had been asked before what surprised me was the way he asked them. I am really glad that journalist, media groups, Bollywood actors and people from all over the world came out in support of me. It was quite overwhelming.

Q. Shah Rukh Khan has shot a song with you for Raees and Aamir has expressed interest to work with you. How does it feel?
Shooting with Shah Rukh was a dream come true. It was a proud moment for me. The song is an item number and I am hoping it will get popular. I am extremely happy that Aamir said he wants to work with me. I keep looking at my phone, waiting for his call (smiles).