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This week’s Supergirl preferred to spend more time questioning our heroes’ motives over capturing t...

Supergirl Recap: James Questions Kara’s Motives In 'Truth, Justice And The American Way'

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This week’s Supergirl preferred to spend more time questioning our heroes’ motives over capturing the villain. While the villain wasn’t actually compelling, his presence triggers important questions that needed to be answered.

The episode opens with sister time, which is rudely interrupted by Non. He breaks into Kara’s apartment to take her away to Astra’s funeral because the service, (taking place in the skies) is to be led by Astra’s favourite niece. Kind words are said by Kara but as the ceremony is ends, Non vows to kill her in honour of his wife before disappearing off for a two week mourning period. At the DEO, Hank questions if they can trust his word and pleads Alex not to tell the truth about how Astra really died.

Meanwhile at CatCo, Cat has taken it upon herself to hire a second assistant. Enter Siobhan Smythe (Italia Ricci) a straight-talking, career minded woman who immediately becomes Kara’s rival, who’s dumped to second best. Cat has a suspicion that Maxwell Lord is missing so she puts her best people on it - Lucy and James are recruited to dig into his mysterious disappearance. Of course, James knows exactly where he is so he asks Kara why the DEO are holding him without trial. The theme of the episode resonates as he explains that there is a justice system for a reason and Lord deserves his human rights. Kara replies saying that this is the only way to stop him.

Lucy begins to dig into the DEO and decides to tell James what she’s found. But James accidentally slips up when he reveals that he knows about them - Lucy figured it was Supergirl that told him. Later, James has a conversation with Cat who tells him about a story that she still regrets she couldn’t publish. She explains that journalists want to be good people but that’s sometimes not possible. His conversation with Cat convinces James to confront Kara at the DEO because he feels guilty about knowing exactly where Maxwell Lord is and not being able to tell anyone. James asks Kara what hero she wants to be, and says that we need truth and justice to use the law in sentencing Lord the proper way. 

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