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Not many people, when they achieve power, can prevent it from going to their heads. Tai is no excep...

'Survivor' Brilliant and Boneheaded Plays of the Week: The Tai That Binds

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Not many people, when they achieve power, can prevent it from going to their heads. Tai is no exception.

Yeah, he comes across as this super nice, super chill, animal-loving pacifist, but he’s been one of the most ruthless players in the game. Dude was looking for an idol on Day 1! He eventually found it, plus he won the advantage of an extra vote in the game, and since then, he’s been playing like a power-mad dictator.

The thing is, this is a game. There are other players. These players are competitive. They do not like being dictated to. Cydney, for one, chafes at any kind of oppressive control, like when Joe micromanages the fire. So, when Tai orders her to vote for Michele — without any kind of persuasion, or explanation of his thinking — she balks. So does Joe. So does Aubry. Suddenly, his rock-solid alliance is not so rock-solid.

In the end, he loses a bit of his power in using the advantage, which winds up being a complete waste. He’s the only person to vote for Michele (twice), while his so-called alliance eliminates Jason.

Boneheaded Play of the Week: Tai

Tai, Tai, Tai — do unto others as you would have done unto you. Remember a few weeks back, when Tai got mad that Scot and Jason were dictating strategy to you? Well, he immediately voted out Scot for that.

Now, Tai is doing the dictating. He is, undoubtedly, in a position of huge power, possessing the hidden immunity idol and the advantage of an extra vote. But he’s using that to bully the others, just liked he was once bullied.

Brilliant Play of the Week: Cydney

We haven’t given Cydney enough props this season, but she’s been playing an excellent game. She floated along with Scot and Jason in Brawn for awhile, then organized an all-women alliance when the numbers made sense. And this week, in addition to winning immunity, she imposed her will on the group — even out-maneuvering Tai.

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