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Taylor Swift has to make room in her trophy case! The platinum blonde pop star received a huge ho...

Taylor Swift Receives Her Very Own 'Taylor Swift Award' at the BMI Pop Awards

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Taylor Swift has to make room in her trophy case!

The platinum blonde pop star received a huge honor at the 64th Annual BMI Pop Awards held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel Tuesday. Swift spent the night with family wearing a '90s gothic glam-inspired look as she took home trophies for songwriting, and an award named in her honor.

Swift joked that she was happy BMI chose her for the coveted Taylor Swift Award. "If they had chosen somebody else, I'd be, like, kind of bummed about it."

"This night has been unbelievable," she added, getting more serious. Swift, who received two standing ovations during the ceremony, kicked off her acceptance speech with a special shout-out to the night's other big honorees, Cynthia Well, Berry Mann, and Carole King.

"Many of us in this room could only dream of accomplishing what you guys have accomplished," she said. "I recently have had a lot of time off, have watching a lot of reality TV. Berry and Cynthia's daughter [Dr.] Jenn is the therapist on the show Couples Therapy that I watch a lot, so I'm just really, really excited to meet her family goals over here in this section."

A bunch of the night's other winners (Jason Derulo, Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, the latter of whom weren't at the show) made guest appearances on Swift's 1989 World Tour. "The artists were generous enough to come out for free, playing their songs on [my] stage [which] made this tour special and different for me," she explained. "We live in an age where everybody has the ability to see your show online before they come if they want to but if your surprise them with a special guest, they actually get to feel that very unique in 2016 feeling of being surprised by something."

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