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A number of characters got themselves caught during The Catch‘s Season 1 finale – but only one rema...

The Catch Finale: Mireille Enos on Ben's Bold Move, Alice's Maddening Mistake

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A number of characters got themselves caught during The Catch‘s Season 1 finale – but only one remained in peril as the two-hour installment came to a close.

Indeed, while Mireille Enos’ Alice and Peter Krause’s Ben prepared to flee the country together, Alice’s decision to return home for her personal belongings led to their plan melting away like a stick of butter in Ina Garten’s skillet.

There, FBI agents apprehended Alice on charges of stealing the Maria Kreyn painting that figured so prominently into the pilot episode. But before you could say “Book ‘er, Danno,” Ben swooped in and took the fall, trading dreams of lounging by poolside bars for a reality of sitting behind bars. (Do I need to even mention Margot was behind all this?)

In other news, Margot briefly spent time in custody — thanks to Alice planting a tracking device during their final “therapy” session (wonder if her HMO will still cover that?) — but got sprung by her formidable mama Sybil. The tables were turned, however, when Sybil wound up getting caught trying to swipe a rich family’s fortune with counterfeit cash in the midst of a fancy wedding that brought all of the show’s major players together.

Margot, though, sly fox that she is, absconded with the real cash, while Alice escaped Rhys’ clutches and Ben (having avoided getting bumped off by Sybil) proposed marriage to our redheaded investigator. And if it weren’t for that priceless work of art, he might’ve gotten away with it! (It helps if you read that last sentence in the voice of a Scooby-Doo villain.)

Below, Enos discusses the “comedy of errors” vibe of the finale, the decision her character made that left her “so mad,” and the reason she thinks Season 2 will improve upon the #TGIT drama’s first 10 episodes.

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