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Calling all fans of The Family: We would like to apologize, on behalf of ABC, for the ultimate knif...

The Family: Find Out What Would've Happened in Season 2

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Calling all fans of The Family: We would like to apologize, on behalf of ABC, for the ultimate knife-twist that you just experienced.

Not only was the freshman thriller axed last Thursday, as part of the Alphabet Net’s massive cancellation spree, but Sunday’s episode — now a series finale — left viewers with a whole slew of cliffhangers, never to be resolved.

Claire, still reeling from the knowledge that Ben may have murdered her son, spent the better part of the hour revisiting the bunker where Adam and Ben were kept — at which point she realized that the boys were treated like animals down in that hole. If Ben eventually turned into one himself, and it prompted him to either hurt or kill Adam, how can Claire and the rest of the Warrens fault him when he was just trying to survive?

But just when Claire and Willa decided to accept Ben for who he really is, and the Warrens seemed to find peace for the first time in a while — well, with the exception of Danny, who left town when Willa informed him there was an impostor living under their roof — Ben received a phone call from the real Adam: alive and well and on a mission to get his life back from the boy that stole it.

Other developments in the crucial hour: After turning in her cover story on the Warrens and quitting her job at the Red Pines Gazette, Bridey was revealed to be dead — and though we never saw who killed her, it’s strongly hinted that Willa had something to do with it; Nina finally, finally located her missing colleague (at last, a victory!); and Hank, no longer receiving the injections that suppress his pedophilic habits, just barely resisted the urge to violate a young boy that he drove home from the park.

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