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Picking up right where we left off, Barry hovers over his father’s dying, mauled body, crying, “Dad...

The Flash Season 2 Finale Recap: A Kiss Before Flying

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Picking up right where we left off, Barry hovers over his father’s dying, mauled body, crying, “Dad don’t leave me, not again.” Standing nearby, Zoom taunts his rival: “You feel the anger, don’t you, Flash? Now, the two of us are the same.” A fight/chase around town ensues, ending with Barry poised to off his opponent — only to realize that it’s yet another time remnant. Observing Barry’s bloodthirst, the real Zoom notes, “You’re almost ready,” before speeding away.

Henry is laid to rest next to his wife Nora. With a nod of support from Iris, Barry starts to but is unable to eulogize his father. Instead, Joe speaks to Henry’s losses, being blamed for a crime he didn’t commit. “Henry Allen was proof that love can get you through the darkest of days,” Joe said. “And that love will keep him alive in all of our hearts.” Barry then finally finds words to say, promising his father to “take from [Zoom] what he took from you.”

Afterward, Barry shares Zoom’s recent warning, that he is “almost ready,” but all are at a loss on how to stop he who can rip open time breaches. Stepping outside, Barry asks Iris how he can ever find peace, having emerged from the Speed Force so sense of confidence and purpose, only to then lose his dad. Zoom crashes the quiet moment to challenge Barry to a race, to see who’s the fastest — or else lose more loved ones.

The next day at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team debates the prospect of a race — a prospect made more complicated when Harry notes that Mercury Labs is developing a magnetar aka a power amplifier that can be easily weaponized. With the right power source — as in his and Barry’s combine energy — Zoom could rip infinite multiverse planets in half (as Cisco envisioned of Earth-Two), or worse. “I have to race him. And I have to win,” Barry decides.

Confronted by Joe about his animus for Zoom, Barry makes clear, “I want to do a hell of a lot more than kill him. I want him to suffer.” With that said, Joe apologizes… for the tranq dart Harry is about to shoot him with, before locking up Barry in the Pipeline. Worse, Barry realizes, everyone on the team — Iris and Cisco included — was behind this well-intentioned double-cross. The team’s plan: Caitlin will distract Zoom while Harry and Joe slap him with a boot, at which point Cisco will open the breach to shove him through. After that, they’ll “destroy the magnetar, save the universe.”

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