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We all know that pregnancy is different for all women. While some soon-to-be moms lift weights or...

This pregnant model is being shamed over her ‘too small’ baby bump

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We all know that pregnancy is different for all women.

While some soon-to-be moms lift weights or go surfing, others need to take it easy. And while some ladies seem to show a baby bump almost immediately, others seem like they’re not even pregnant at all. 


But even still, the Internet continues to have a hard time understanding that, which is why Australian fitness model Hannah Polites is going viral for her baby bump – or lack thereof. 

Polites recently posted a shot of her posing in a black bra and underwear, showing off her baby bump. “Hotel room bump update! Almost 6 months carrying my little babe,” she captioned the picture. “For everyone asking, the gender is a surprise.”

The post received nearly 900 comments – and while some of them were encouraging and positive (”Wow you look absolutely amazing!”) and funny (”She is beautiful, wish I’d look like this when pregnant,  not after a cheeseburger!”), many of them were negative.


“That’s 6 months pregnant? Is it a gerbil?” 

“Does she know she has to eat enough for two? She doesn’t even look like she’s eating enough for herself. Stop chasing the perfect baby body and eat something substantial for your poor baby.”

“She looks like the baby is going to be deprived of nutrients.”

“You are way too skinny. WTF.”

And yes, even this one: “You are killing your baby.”


According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Polites says her baby is actually 20 per cent bigger than the average baby at the 6-month mark – and it “made her feel good to keep fit.”

“It’s truly shocking to read some of the comments regarding my health and that of my unborn baby, especially at a time where women are particularly vulnerable and can be more sensitive to bullying,” she told the newspaper. 


“My life can be confronting for women because it differs to their own choices, but this is who I am and everyone is welcome to share their own journeys.”

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