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If you don’t ask you don’t get, eh Beth? [Photo: Twitter/@bethnew] It’s every mum-to-be’s worst...

Woman Gives Birth In The Back Of Her Car, Tweets Honda To Ask For A New One

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If you don’t ask you don’t get, eh Beth? [Photo: Twitter/@bethnew]

It’s every mum-to-be’s worst nightmare - getting stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital. But that’s exactly what happened to Beth Newell, except her baby was in no mood to wait, so poor Beth had to give birth in the back seat of her Honda. Oh the horror!

But the comedian and editor of Reductress website, decided to use the traumatic experience to her advantage, by tweeting Honda to cheekily ask for a new car.  

Sharing a selfie of herself and her newborn daughter, Beth, 30, from New York, wrote:

“Earlier today I gave birth to my daughter in the back of a Honda Fit. It is a mess. Can I have a free car?”

Since posting earlier this week the tweet has had more than 18K retweets and 31K likes, with many people agreeing the unusual birth story should be worthy of a new car.  

“YEAH HONDA! Give the woman a car! She bloody well deserves one!” one user wrote.

“Give her a new car if she names the kid HONDA,” quipped another

“Best tweet this year. And a sure PR coup for Honda. Do the right thing, Honda!”

So did the car manufacturer do the right thing? The official Honda Twitter account replied to Beth’s request by congratulating her on the new arrival but didn’t give anything away about whether they were going to oblige.

“Congrats on your beautiful new baby girl. We’d love to get your contact info to see how we can be of service. Can you please DM us?”

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