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If there is one thing Maine Mendoza wouldn't want to do, it would be conforming to the standard...

Maine Mendoza: I don't need to be what I'm not

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If there is one thing Maine Mendoza wouldn't want to do, it would be conforming to the standards set by the entertainment industry. 

Through her 24 July blog entry entitled "That's How It Works", Mendoza revealed that she was wondering about an incident, which she didn't specify, and was unhappy with the answer given to her. 

"[...] the only thing that she said to me was "That's how it (show business) works". That response made me question everything; it was the kind of response I did not expect to come from someone who is very perceptive when it comes to these things – also from someone who's very close to me. It was shocking though I did try to apprehend her perspective, but in the end I still failed to get her stance about the whole matter." 

She further explained that the whole thing narrows down to the issue of pleasing people, which is the one thing that she said she will never do. 

"We are in a world full of pretentious beings. Especially in my case, I am living in a world full of barbies– and no, it ain't fantastic. Some people have really mastered the art of pretension; and it is up to us to determine what's real and what's not. [...] it is something that I could not and would never understand. Why bother trying to be someone you are not when you can just be yourself? Why seek for people's approval on how to live your life? Why let other people's opinions define you? Is that how it should work?" she asked. 

Mendoza stressed that she doesn't want to pretend to be someone she is not and do things she's not willing to do just to be loved and accepted. "I would never change who I am just to conform to the norms of this industry. Sure, "that's how it works", but I am who I am; and it's up to people if they will like me or not," she emphasised. 

Mendoza ended her post by reminding people that they are not born to please everybody and that everybody should live the life they want. 

"Remember that there will always be people who will love you; but it's best to be loved for who you really are than who you are trying to be," she said. 

(Photo source: zeibiz.com, https://twitter.com/mainedcm)

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