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Mixers rejoice! The new Little Mix-era is almost upon us! The ladies of Little mix have been teasin...

#GloryDays The New Little Mix Era is Upon Us!

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Mixers rejoice! The new Little Mix-era is almost upon us! The ladies of Little mix have been teasing of new music for awhile via social media and their first single is set to drop VERY soon! Sources like the eonline article that is linked above claim that this song may be about Perrie’s ex Zayn Malik and that this song may feature some explicit lyrics. I, for one, am so beyond excited for their new single, I hope that they push the envelope a little more and will gain more exposure in the states. Their social media game has been strong and I really all the hype behind this new single will be so worth it.

[source: eonline]

They also announced  their release date via twitter as well with some of the song lyrics and a new promotional picture of all the girls holding their hands in the air…it was really cute!

[source: https://twitter.com/LittleMix]

Little Mix has the potential to make some serious waves this year with their new music. I am hoping they have music that is slightly more mature so that they can transition away from their bubblegum sound and have something a little more urban like their second album Salute (2013). I really do enjoy this group and I feel they have a good body of work so far, but if they really want to crack the states, they hopefully worked with some American producers for their forthcoming album; I also hope they have some artists featured that have cracked the states. This group has immense potential as they are hard workers and take their craft seriously. I wish these ladies the best of luck and will have a review of their new single once it drops. Keep your fingers crossed Mixers, I feel we won’t be disappointed! 

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