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First the Prince Harry photos, then talk of Kate Middleton's topless pic...my my my, what a few weeks it's been for celebrity birth...

Do a round up of the latest nude photo scandals

First the Prince Harry photos, then talk of Kate Middleton's topless pic...my my my, what a few weeks it's been for celebrity birthday suits!

The Duchess of Cambridge

At the end of last week the whole world was talking about the news that a French magazine was publishing nude photos of the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton. The Royals expressed their dismay at the intrusion of privacy by the paparazzi and sought an injuction against the publication and won - but not before Italian and Irish publications also printed the offending pics. Kate and Wills still managed wry smiles on tour this week when greeted by topless local ladies while on tour in the Soloman Islands. One grainy pap holiday shot still can't compare with the nude shots of her brother-in-law in Vegas...
Photo: Getty Images

Prince Harry

Poor Prince Harry. You can bet he got a talking to from his grandmother, the Queen, when TMZ published their scoop of the year: shots of the naked prince cavorting with a pretty blonde at a party in Las Vegas, buck-naked. Cheeky Harry- he's always been the wild one in the royal family.
Photo: Getty Images

Alison Pill

Talk about a twitter fail! The actress on 'The Newsroom' accidentally posted this topless photo of herself to Twitter. She quickly deleted it after realising her mistake, but once something gets online..there's no way you're getting it back.
Photo: Getty Images

Harry Styles

The One Direction singer denied that the naked picture leaked online in 2012 was him, however that didn't stop hearts racing and thousands of girls intensely debating the legitimacy of the picture. For example, the necklace in the picture looks awfully similar to the one Harry normally wears...
Photo: Getty Images

Christina Aguilera

In December 2010, 'Dirrty' singer Christina Aguilera had these private pics stolen and posted online. The pics were reportedly stolen from the singer's stylist, and were taken as part of a personal exchange between Christina and her stylist.
Photo: Wire Images

Miley Cyrus

This racy pic of Miley Cyrus (and others) was posted online. But, Miley claims the picture isn't even of her, as the nude girl doesn't have the same tattoo under her left breast.
Photo: Getty Images


Rihanna Well, she's being singing about being a "good girl gone bad" for quite some time, and here are the pics to prove it! The pics were reportedly released by her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, and are believed to have been taken by the R'n'B songstress while on tour.
Photo: Getty Images

Pippa Middleton & James Middleton

If those photos of Kate are released and do turn out to be legitimate, well at least she can ask for advice from her siblings (and brother-in-law) on how to deal with it.
Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift

Even country music babes get caught up in nude photo scandals! After a gossip site posted a nude photo, identifying it as Ms Swift, her PR team went on the defensive, claiming the image was not her. The singer has since called together a legal team to deal with the issue.
Photo: Getty Images

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