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In which one of Alex’s biggest enemies may become her most important ally, and Shelby learns her fake sister has nothing on the scam bein...

'Quantico' Recap: When Enemies Become Allies

In which one of Alex’s biggest enemies may become her most important ally, and Shelby learns her fake sister has nothing on the scam being pulled by some other family members.

Here, 7 things we learned in the “Turn” episode of Quantico:

1. Simon and Alex are tag-teaming The Voice: He’s using software to try to decode The Voice’s, um, voice, and Alex plans to get to the office and try to change the presidential candidates’ security details. They know that won’t shut down this blackmailing terrorist, but it may delay him/her and give them some leverage to thwart The Voice eventually. “First one of us who doesn’t end up in jail or dead, wins,” Simon says.

2. Despite Miranda demanding his immediate resignation after finding out he slept with Alex, Liam shows up for training the next AM, and tells Miranda if she wants him to kick rocks, she’ll have to fire him. 

3. Raina calls Miranda in a panic: She’s at the terrorist cell house, and everyone is gone. And they took all the guns with them. Miranda tells her to get out ASAP so she can call it in. She also asks her to go to Miranda’s home, pick up Charlie, and bring him to the campus, so Miranda can keep him safe.

4. Claire Haas, Caleb’s mama, the senator and a vice-presidential candidate, is everywhere this week. In the Quantico training timeline, she’s the week’s enrichment speaker, at the Academy to talk to the trainees about hate crimes. Unfortunately for her, that puts her on campus at a very dangerous time… 

5. The cell attack. More than a dozen men and women from the terrorist cell Raina was infiltrating pull up to the Quantico security entrance booth in a van. The back is filled with cell members holding guns, and when the guards demand the driver show them what’s in the back, the driver opens fire, and a full-on attack is underway. The campus goes on lockdown, and Shelby, upset about something she just learned, runs outside just as gunshots can be heard everywhere.

6. Despite the fact that their relationship is quite rocky as of late, Caleb sneaks out of the lockdown to go make sure Shelby is OK. Will insists on going with him, and they find Shelby in the woods around campus. They also see Liam, with gun drawn, but unaware that one of the terrorists is sneaking up behind him with his own gun drawn. Just as Caleb shouts to Liam to warn him, a shot is fired… it’s the terrorist, shot dead, by… Drew! Liam’s enemy/student followed him to make sure he wasn’t dealing with the terrorist crisis solo. Later, Liam — who had kicked Drew out last week — gives him the old, we-don’t-have-to-like-each-other-to-work-together speech, and they do seem to have sorta, kinda made up. For now. 

7 Claire tells Alex she knows where Caleb is. No, she doesn’t offer a single additional detail. 

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