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There’s no running away from the fact that the father-daughter relationship is cherished by everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar;...

Bollywood father-daughter duos rock the scene!

There’s no running away from the fact that the father-daughter relationship is cherished by everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar; you still need your dad’s shoulder to lean on and his hand to hold. There’s no critic, friend, philosopher and guide that can outdo your dad. 

Alia Bhatt-Mahesh Bhatt

He’s seen as one of the most powerful and compelling story-tellers in the industry. She’s seen as one of the most promising stars in the industry, and not because she’s Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, but because she has what it takes to speak her mind and stay strong despite the wagging tongues, just like her dad. Together they are a powerhouse! 

Shruti Haasan- Kamal Haasan

Right, so we were introduced to this South Indian beauty in the film Luck ages ago, but we didn’t really compare her star status with that of her dad Kamal Haasan, who is one of the stalwarts in the movie business and not just in Bollywood. A talented actor herself, Shruti clearly has been taking great lessons from daddy dearest. What’s really cool is that they work hard and party harder!  

Sonam Kapoor- Anil Kapoor

It’s like we just pulled out pages from a fashion magazine to simply gaze in awe of this gorgeous looking father-daughter duo! Their unending love for style keeps them both in the limelight. Their uncanny ability to speak their mind, their sheer commitment to work and family and finally their vibrant personalities- so much in common yet so different from one another, Sonam and Anil are known for their candid interviews together and for the respect they share for another! 

Sonakshi Sinha-Shatrughan Sinha

He’s “Anything but Khamosh” says Sonakshi about her dad, which is actually the title of his biography! The yesteryear superstar shares an amazing rapport with his now-superstar daughter, and it’s quite endearing to see a family that sticks together come what may. Sonakshi seems to have inherited her rock star genes from her dad which make her one of the few actresses who doesn’t need to put up a facade. She is who she is. Just like the Khamosh hero we love.

Shweta Bachchan Nanda- Amitabh Bachchan

She may not be an actress, but the fact that her father is the best of the best in Hindi cinema, makes this a valid entry into this post. As a daughter, the Bachchan girl has always been candid about her relationship with her parents, in particular her father. Always considered the prim and propah kind, Shweta has knocked off questions regarding family with great humor but never crossing the line of respect.

The Chopra’s

Daddy’s Little Girl, she will be. Priyanka is said to have got the line tattooed on her fore arm when her father was hospitalized and she was at a shoot for her then-to-be released album Exotic. Knowing that her father would never approve of a tattoo she asked her mum to send her his handwriting which she would then use to get inked. Clearly, this father-daughter duo will stay on forever despite his recent demise.

Shraddha Kapoor- Shakti Kapoor

Is this one cool baap-beti jodi, or what! Shakti Kapoor, known for his ever-so-comical roles and villainous appearances is twice as funny in person. And he has clearly passed on this trait to Shraddha who is just as candid and fun off-sets. Goofy, and totally in sync with each other, they nail this selfie hands down. 

Karisma-Kareena-Randhir Kapoor

The fact that you’re married and have kids doesn’t have to let you stray away from your own family. It only brings your closer. The queens of everything glamorous and absolutely picture perfect, Kareena and Karisma share a lovely bond with papa Randhir. Their family ties are much talked about for a reason- respect for one another despite the age. A mentor, a friend and a super cool dad to two gorgeous girls.

Esha Deol - Dharmendra

Her marriage might have been under the radar but Esha Deol is all too happy to share a moment with the two most important men in her life- pappa and hubby. The father-daughter bond is ever green and looks like nothing can take away from the affection they have for each other. Although a star in her own right, she’s still daddy’s little daughter, and forever will be.

Bipasha Basu- Hirak Basu

Bipasha isn’t usually the one to proclaim her love for parents from the rooftops, but the actress has recently been posting a few sweet selfie shots of her self along with mamma and papa. (Quite a relief to see these after all the glamorous ones with beau Karan Singh Grover.) We’re convinced that away from the limelight and all the madness onscreen, she’s just another ghar ki beti who loves her own family time.   
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