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It's officially official! After nearly a year of wondering the true fate of Jon Snow after that heartbreakingly brutal stabbing, Game...

'Game of Thrones' Officially Reveals the Fate of Jon Snow -- Relive the Most Shocking Moments from the Season 6 Premiere!

It's officially official!

After nearly a year of wondering the true fate of Jon Snow after that heartbreakingly brutal stabbing, Game of Thrones made it very clear in Sunday's season six premiere that our brave hero is definitely dead. (We're passing you a box of virtual tissues at this very moment.)

Despite this gut-wrenching news, HBO still delivered a sensational debut episode that was jam-packed with answers to (most of) our most burning questions. We're breaking down all the most shocking moments geographically from Castle Black to Dorne!

Castle Black: While Ghost howled with despair, Ser Davos Seaworth discovered Jon's lifeless body lying in the snow surrounded by a pool of dark, cold blood and took him into one of the spare rooms inside Castle Black. It was there that Davos, a very distraught Ghost, and a few Night's Watch members who were still loyal to the former Lord Commander were determined to protect Jon's body from harm. Once they realized that they would be severely outnumbered by Ser Alliser Thorne -- aka the newly announced Lord Commander -- and the rest of The Watch, one man left Castle Black to seek help from the Wildlings that Jon rescued.

Meanwhile, Melisandre still lurked around Castle Black but did not do anything (yet!) to raise Jon Snow from the dead. (We're still crossing our fingers and toes that this theory will become a reality in the episodes to come!) Instead, we watched The Red Lady undress in her chambers while looking at her gorgeous naked body in the mirror. All of the sudden, Melisandre's reflection changed and in its place was a very withered and wrinkly old woman with long white hair. The full-frontal nude old woman stepped away from the mirror and slowly crawled into bed.

Winterfell: Sansa and Theon successfully survived their jump from the high walls of Winterfell, but there was no time to celebrate this small victory. With Ramsay's vicious hounds and guards tracking their every move, the duo moved quickly over the icy terrain to get as much distance from the sadistic Boltons as possible, but it was all for naught, as the guards and hounds tracked down our heroes. Even though Theon tried to sacrifice himself to ensure Sansa's survival, the flesh-craving dogs still found her hiding place.

Essos: Daario and Jorah successfully tracked their MIA Meereen Queen to her last known location, but Drogon was nowhere to be found. Instead, both of the lovesick men discovered the spot in the Essos fields where the thousands of horseback Dothraki circled around Daenerys in the season five finale. Jorah spotted the ring that Dany dropped into the grass like a breadcrumb and the two fighters quickly realized that their queen had been captured.

Braavos: Like Meereen, our trip to Braavos was quick, yet very powerful. When we caught up with Arya, we discovered that the youngest Stark sibling was still blind and begging passerbys on the steps of the city for any spare change. The Waif appeared, threw a fighting staff at the sightless Arya and demanded a duel. Arya literally fought blindly, and The Waif happily beat her with the staff several times before walking away with the promise that she would be back tomorrow. Arya's next stage in training had officially begun.