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For the last few months, the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut ex-files have been grabbing all the headlines. It was alleged that Hrithik indee...

Hrithik Roshan might get a clean chit in his legal battle with Kangana Ranaut!

For the last few months, the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut ex-files have been grabbing all the headlines. It was alleged that Hrithik indeed was the “mystery man” that Kangana had been hinting at with regard to her personal life.

However, as per reports in a popular daily,  new evidence proves that the truth may be something else altogether. The doubts were raised after the tabloid had a chance meeting with one of Mumbai’s top cops who is working on the case, at a social gathering.

​Here are the pointers in HR’s support:​

Not a single email or text

According to the tabloid’s source, “If Kangana is in the clear, why is she not giving her laptop to the cops? We have been asking her to do so. Why is she refusing to give her statement? If she has nothing to hide then why isn’t she coming out in the open? Hrithik has received hundreds of emails from her. He has not replied even once. The content of her emails makes it clear that nothing has ever happened between them. And we have ascertained that in the last three years, not a single email or text message has gone from him to her. If a couple is in a relationship for a long time, won’t there be pictures or messages exchanged between them? “All evidence points to the opposite.”

No photograph together

“Paparazzi lurk outside star homes all the time. How is it possible that his car has never been seen in her compound and vice versa?” The source further added, “Have they even been seen together even once? They are both big stars; such a thing can’t be missed. What I can’t fathom is that instead of catching the imposter, why is she fighting him? If she still does not believe there was an imposter then why doesn’t she get the proof through our cyber crime cell by allowing them access to her mail id/laptop and put an end to this matter? Instead, she is using the victim card to make him out to be the villain.”

Catch the imposter

“The emails that were being sent to Kangana were not even from this country. She should be worried about communicating with an imposter. Why is she not co-operating with the cyber crime unit? She has exchanged pictures and videos with him. If those are leaked, can you imagine what will happen? Anyone in her place would have surrendered the laptop and allowed us to catch the culprit. But she doesn’t seem keen to do so. The last thing we were told is that her computer has a virus and everything got deleted,” shared the source.

Then why did Hrithik keep quite if this was the case? An actor who has worked with Hrithik said, “For a very long time said he kept getting emails from her. On some days, every six minutes from morning to night. This is not normal by any definition. Many emails were explicit and yet he ignored them. He was dealing with his own divorce at the time. And yet he was thinking about her. He didn’t want her reputation to be tarnished. This relationship happened only in her head. Hrithik would have still kept quiet. But when she began addressing him as “her ex” in interviews, he realised he had to do something. And he sent her a legal notice. He now wants the truth to come out. A man can keep quiet as a sign of respect for a woman but when it starts affecting the life of those around him then he has to take action.”

This entire gamut on new revelations has surely made this controversy altogether more tricky!​

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