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The time is right to catch up with Kapil Sharma; the first episode of his new show The Kapil Sharma Show will be telecast on Sony  tomorrow...

Kapil Sharma: Yes, I flirt with Bollywood heroines

The time is right to catch up with Kapil Sharma; the first episode of his new show The Kapil Sharma Show will be telecast on Sony  tomorrow,  9 pm. Excerpts from a chat on his new set in Film City: 

All set with The Kapil Sharma Show for Sony?
I have done a lot of work with Sony in the past. Doing the same thing again and again brings in monotony. Change is the essence of life, it brings in new challenges. I am loving my new assignment The Kapil Sharma Show.

It's a big responsibility. Are you nervous?
I don't think I feel nervous on the sets--- but I am hit when people come up to me and say: When is your new show coming? It just reminds me that people are waiting for my new product. That makes me nervous.That makes me feel more responsible (pauses). 

Go on...
The responsibility further increases when I recalI that my show on Colors, Comedy Nights with Kapil, had become very popular. Pehle chal jaata tha if we said anything and everything, we got away with it. Slowly, I started treading cautiously. Aaj bhi hasi mazaak kar leta hoon show par, but I am more careful than before.

Are you worried about the ratings?
I think like an artiste and don't brood over TRPs.  I think we have a great product in The Kapil Sharma Show--- and that's all that matters. We may have an odd day when people switch from my show to a cricket match, but I am sure that they will go to the Internet later and see my episode which they missed, on the YouTube. All I am saying is that I have a very loyal fan base.

Your first episode on Sony has Shah Rukh Khan...
If Shah Rukh is around, I am not worried at all. We complement each other very well. I then know we'll pull off a superb episode. This time was no exception.

SRK, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman, Varun... they all came on your Colors show readily. Did you ever think in your early days that you'll become so famous?
No, but I always wanted to do quality work. I never focused on quantity. 

You worked in a cloth mill, you even picked up crates of soft drinks to earn money...
Extents may vary, but who hasn't struggled in his life to some extent or the other? 

Who is bigger in stature- Ram Kapoor/ Ronit Roy/ Kapil Sharma?
That's a tough one, but I think that all the lines between movies and TV have blurred today. Aren't big Bollywood stars doing TV now? Have I not done a film?

Did you have the funny bone from childhood?
My friend circle consisted of guys who were constantly pulling each other's leg. That rubbed off on me, I guess. Besides I think I have a natural ability to make people laugh, and I love to do this especially for an audience.