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Lady Gaga Lady Gaga isn't new to the nudity scene but we're pretty sure this takes the cake to her eccentric artsy flair. In a ...

Celebs that got naked in the name of art!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga isn't new to the nudity scene but we're pretty sure this takes the cake to her eccentric artsy flair. In a video for Marina Abramovic, a Yugoslavian artist, a naked Gaga is seen positioning herself in nature and screaming a very prolonged note. The short film is extremely eerie but I guess this what they call art.
Photo: Lady Gaga/Marina Abramovic


The star tweeted a quite controversial pic of herself fully naked on a Tee to support the campaign "Protect the Skin You're In".
Photo: Miley Cyrus' twitter


In a recent cover for Flaunt Magazine, the bodacious star bares all as she poses in nothing but glitter. Beyonce, didn't anyone tell you, you look sexy with your hair pushed back?
Photo: Flaunt Magazine via Tumblr


Lohan bares all in her new film "The Canyons" starring alongside two hunky actors, James Deen and Nolan Gerard Funk.
Photo: IFC Films


The angelic beauty literally strips off her title in her new movie "Lovelace", where the star plays the infamous porn-star Linda Lovelace.
Photo: Radius-Two


The "Harry Potter" star bared all in his performance of "Equus" in 2007 at the Gielgud theatre. The young star was highly criticized for the role due to his "role model" status as the young wizard.
Photo: Equus Promotional poster/Gielgud Theatre


In the 1998 film "Gia", Jolie bared all as she played an American model in her rise to success and her issues with drug abuse.
Photo: HBO


Anne Hathaway is one of the greatest actors this generation has to offer and her filmography proves it. So it's no wonder the brunette beauty is willing to strip down for the right roles. In 2005 movie "Havoc", Hathaway stars as a rebellious trust-fund teen whose desire to be someone she's not lands her in a place she certainly doesn't belong. But this wasn't the last time Hathaway bares it all, in the 2010 film "Love & Other Drugs" alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, the two have multiple erotic scenes which surprised a lot of Hathaway's fan base. Got to admit she's one lucky girl!
Photo: 20th Century Fox


Ewan McGreggor is no stranger to baring it all. In countless films the star is seen fully naked and isn't shy. This photo just proves it.
Photo: Lions Gate Films

Jason Segal

Not too sure if any of wanted to see this but we got to admit the man is a comedy genius. Segal knows when to bare all to surprise the audience but I think it's happening more often that the little surprise isn't a surprise anymore...
Photo: Universal Pictures


Oh the sight of this! In the 1999 movie Pitt is seen butt naked and looking all so fine!
Photo: 20th Century Fox


The American actress became an iconic star in James Cameron's "Titanic". The scene of Jack and Rose is just magical
Photo: 20th Century fox


Jake is one dreamy man, as seen in the photo above, and his exploration of erotic and sensual films have become quite an eyeful - Literally!
Photo: 20th Century Fox