Fear the Walking Dead’s midseason finale split up not only Travis and Madison but Nick and everybody with a pulse, killed off Celia and Dan...

Fear the Walking Dead Showrunner Talks Madison's Rick Grimes Moment, Daniel's Fiery 'Grave' and More

Fear the Walking Dead’s midseason finale split up not only Travis and Madison but Nick and everybody with a pulse, killed off Celia and Daniel (or so it seemed), burned down Thomas’ hacienda and left us with about a million questions. Luckily, showrunner Dave Erickson was kind enough to ring TVLine with, if not a million answers, at least so many that this is only Part 1 of our Q&A. (Check back tomorrow for Part 2.)

TVLINE | Let’s start with Nick. Aside from his being a junkie and all, he generally seems pretty sharp. So why was he so quick to fall for Celia’s insanity?
I think you’ve got a guy who’s got a very strong addictive personality, and everyone that I know who is in recovery tends to find some other outlet for that addictive nature. What Nick does is he finds it in the dead. It started in the [Season 2] premiere. There was one moment when he was under the capsized boat watching that one floating infected, and he saw something different. He saw more humanity there. [Of course] that could be an excuse, because I think deep down, he’s looking for someone who is going to enable this new addiction.

TVLINE | He certainly found her.
Yeah, when he lands with Celia in Episode 6 and into 7, he essentially finds someone who says, “Yes, your lack of fear toward the dead is right.” She embraces that, and he embraces her philosophy as well. He’s been primed to find that person, which is really I think what Strand speaks to in that scene when he says to Madison basically, “You’ve got a kid who is very street-savvy, but he’s also looking for his next fix.” That’s what scares the hell out of Madison, and it’s why she goes to the lengths that she goes to.

TVLINE | I was stunned that Madison went all Rick Grimes on us — she basically murdered Celia in cold blood. 
Madison has alluded to it before, but she’s had an interesting relationship with violence. She does have a morality, and she does have good qualities, obviously. But what we’ll find out [in the second half of the season] is that there’s a darker side to Madison Clark. The more we get to know her, the more we’ll understand why she’s willing to go to the places she does. You also have to bear in mind [in this case] that you have a woman in Celia who seems harmless in that moment but also poisoned an entire congregation to protect the infected in her wine cellar! She’s not someone to be trifled with! So the question for us was, what would Madison do if, for example, she’d gone to the shooting gallery and found her son having shot up, and been confronted with his drug dealer? Would she have called the cops? Would she have dealt with it in the moment?

TVLINE | Clearly, she would have dealt with it.
She has the ability to go to a violent place when the need arises.

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