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[Photo: Instagram @anotherjustinrobinson] There’s nothing like the sweet, sweet relief of peeling your bra off and slinging it to the f...

In Defence Of Going Bra Free

[Photo: Instagram @anotherjustinrobinson]

There’s nothing like the sweet, sweet relief of peeling your bra off and slinging it to the floor at the end of a long day. 

I like to go bra free where possible; just let my girls chill under a cotton vest and y’know, live my life. If I do have to wear one I try to get away with something not-too-tight and preferably non-wired. Bits of metal sticking in my ribs do my head in and remind me I’m wearing a bra all day. Which I am. Which I hate. And yes, I do know my correct size.  

Obviously on more formal occasions I’ll pop my baps into a well fitted bra with decent ‘coverage’ and pretend to the world I don’t have nipples. High five, society! 

But there’s really no good reason why we ladies should wear bras. Unless of course you like to.

Who are we wearing bras for anyway?

Push-up bras, “add two cups”, lacy, memory foam, strapless and backless; the effort we go to to, a) look like we’re not wearing a bras in the first place, and b) perpetuate the illusion we have ‘perfect’ tits is ridiculous.

Men stopped ‘accentuating’ their penises with embroidered, upholstered codpieces centuries ago. These days no one bats an eyelid if they see a man’s junk jiggling about under a pair of trackie bums. He’s not labelled a slut or a hippy or sent him home because the very distinct outline of his penis head is too distracting for the girls.

So what’s the difference? Apart from codpieces were worn on the outside of trousers, of course. Maybe women should start wearing bras over their clothes? They’re bloody expensive, it would be nice to show them off. People would start to see the ridiculousness of them and gradually they could be phased out or replaced with something more comfortable that serves women rather than sexual image. Humankind would learn breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Future generations of women might be more inclined to accept their bodies as they are without the need to pad and enhance. God, I’m so modern right now.

Sweating into a bra feels minging 

Bra cups soaking up sweat after a commute, sweaty cleavage in the summer because your boobs are smooshed together and that damp feeling under the straps. Don’t like it. Get it off my body.