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"Let's go baby!” https://t.co/fjkG1Zuc5Q — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) May 12, 2016 It seems as if any time Ayes...

Internet Trolls Take Ayesha Curry Cheering Her Husband as Green Light to Bash Women

It seems as if any time Ayesha Curry or her husband, Golden State Warriors player Stephen, do, well, anything, Internet trolls take it as an opportunity to bash women for whatever dumb reason they can think of. 

After Steph scored a three pointer on the Portland Trail Blazers’ Al-Farouq Aminu last night, the camera panned to his wife, Ayesha, pounding her chest in support of her hubby, screaming “let’s go baby!” from the stands. It was an adorable display, but trolls on Twitter determined to ruin absolutely everything wonderful managed to turn a heartwarming moment into an attack on women.

In the midst of the shaming and bashing of womankind, there were plenty of Twitter users with the brains to point out how ridiculous these men, who seem to feel they deserve a woman like Ayesha, sound when they’re putting other women down.

Oh, Twitter. Ayesha Curry is a supportive wife who can cook up a storm and loves her some Jesus. And that’s great. But it’s not an excuse to come after other women who you feel don’t live up to her image. Stephen Curry is married to a woman like Ayesha because he has strong character, integrity, and other admirable traits that attract women who share those same qualities. But it’s not a contest: Admiring one woman doesn’t give people license to then put down others who don’t live up to those same standards. Perhaps a change of attitude would help make an Ayesha Curry type less elusive for some men?

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