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In which we find out the identity of The Voice… for real, this time. We think. Here, 8 things we learned in the “Drive” episode of Quan...

'Quantico' Recap: 'All You Have to Do Is Drive'

In which we find out the identity of The Voice… for real, this time. We think.

Here, 8 things we learned in the “Drive” episode of Quantico:

1. Will’s not dead! He’s in the ICU, though, suffering from the effects of having cobbled together a nuke in the catacombs of the church where Alex and Shelby found him. Simon remains MIA. 

2. Ryan and Nimah are hot on Alex’s trail, and they burst into her apartment only to find Caleb, on her couch, eating cereal and watching home renovation TV. He tells Ryan that Alex hasn’t been at her apartment in a day, and Miranda orders Ryan to bring Caleb into the office. She’ll make him talk, she warns… 

3. Alex is on the run, meanwhile, but in touch with Shelby via phone. Shelby is using her laptop to search all the hospitals in the city for any patient description that might be Simon — damn, that McGregor-Wyatt software can do anything! She locates a patient at St. Luke’s that sounds almost exactly like Simon, and she and Alex agree to meet there to see if it might be their friend.

4. Dude at St. Luke’s is not Simon… he’s Drew! Whuuuut? Yes, after Drew left Quantico on his huffy bike, he got a gig at a private security firm in New York. Shortly after, he received a call from The Voice, ordering him to rent a van and park it on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Drew refused, until The Voice threatened his sister and her children. He rented the van, and then The Voice kept making more and more demands, he tells Alex and Shelby, like asking him to scope out train schedules and security cameras around NYC. After the first attack, he saw Alex on TV, he says, and started to make some connections, but didn’t know who he could talk to, because he suspected it was an inside job at the FBI.

5. In the Quantico timeline, with just two weeks until graduation, the NATS are getting close quarters combat training. They spar with each other inside “The Box,” a cage-like enclosure where Ryan kicks Alex’s butt using a cool backflip off The Box walls (which he later tells her saved his life in Afghanistan). Instead of being angry about her defeat, Alex tells Ryan he just got lucky, and that even Ronda Rousey loses sometimes. She’s also super flirty with Ryan, prompting a snarky comment from Iris about how Drew has only been gone for, like, 20 minutes. Exes Ryan and Alex are so flirty that they even make dinner plans — for two weeks ahead, post-graduation — during which she plans to find out everything there is to know about him (the truth this time).

6. Ryan, as part of his promise to tell Alex the truth about himself, decides to tell her the truth about what happened in Chicago, something he hasn’t told anyone else. He says the night of the planned attack in Chicago, Liam called him and told him he should take off early, because Liam knew Ryan was upset about problems in his marriage to Hannah. Liam said he would cover for Ryan, but he got drunk in some bar and never showed up. When Ryan was investigated for the incident, he covered for Liam and never told anyone Liam was drunk and had committed to covering for Ryan. He tells Alex that Liam’s career was already hanging by a thread, and if the FBI found out what really happened, Liam would have been done. Alex asks him if he ever regretted hurting his own career advancement to save Liam. He did, he says… until he met her.

8. Ryan visits Liam in his office at Quantico and tells him he doesn’t want to get stuck there, so he thinks he’s going to be leaving. He also doesn’t want to have to continue lying about what happened in Chicago, and Liam tells him he won’t have to. Clayton just offered Liam a job in Washington, D.C., Liam says, and he told Clayton he wants Ryan to work with him there. Clayton agreed, saying Ryan has paid long enough for Chicago, and Ryan tells Liam he’ll consider the job offer.