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This week’s episode opens in a slightly different way (that doesn’t involve our hero mid-flight); Cat is on American chat show The Talk a...

Supergirl Recap: Kara Is Infected In ‘Falling’

This week’s episode opens in a slightly different way (that doesn’t involve our hero mid-flight); Cat is on American chat show The Talk and she’s singing praises for Supergirl. That’s cut with scenes showing Supergirl helping a little girl get bullied. She really is National City’s hero. At CatCo, Lucy has quit her job and left the city because James stood up for Supergirl when they paid a visit to the Fortress of Solitude, regretting not loving Lucy as much as he should have.At the DEO, Senator Crane pops by announcing that she’s working to get more government funding to defeat Non. But duty calls for Supergirl when there’s a building fire across town. When she gets there, something is wrong. She’s been infected by red Kryptonite which has affected her attitude, and clearly, her style. Supergirl is called to help Alex when two vehicles carrying gold are attacked. But the effects of the red Kryptonite show when she lets the villain escape easy instead of apprehending him, which leaves Hank very angry. 

​At work Kara uses Cat’s elevator. And Cat doesn’t mind. Wait. What? Siobhan goes to Cat with a story that Supergirl let a villain go but her boss brushes it off and literally tells her to go away. But things go from bad to worse for Siobhan when Kara catches her emailing the story to Cat’s rival Perry While of The Daily Planet. Kara takes the evidence to her boss and Siobhan is immediately fired. That’s one way to get rid of a rival.The trio end up going to a club to let loose, but fun time is interrupted when Cat calls James because she wants to see Supergirl. They meet on the CatCo balcony where Cat questions her about letting the villain go but Supergirl ends up saying mean things to her. Then, in a fit of rage, Supergirl impulsively throws Cat off the CatCo building. WHAT?! She’s falling at a rapid space and for a brief second you’re led to think that’s it for Kara’s mean boss. But it’s OK though since Supergirl swoops in and saves her just before she hits the ground. Phew. Supergirl leaves after telling Cat not to contact her again. Later, Cat wants to publicly denounce Supergirl as a villain and proves her point by going in front of the camera. 

​Meanwhile Kara’s best buds James and Winn arrive at the DEO to tell them that she’s being weird. Thankfully, the DEO have already picked up on this and it turns out that it was Maxwell Lord’s fault. Well, not intentionally since he’s been attempting to make man-made Kryptonite intended to take out Non. The invention didn’t go as planned because Lord hoped that it would be Non who turned up to the building fire not Supergirl. Lord explains that he can create an antidote and the DEO agree to let him help.At her apartment, Alex finds Kara burning all of her clothes. She then accuses her sister for being the reason why she’s had to hide herself all these years and that Alex hates her, a reason why she killed Astra. Supergirl flies out, and beings to attack police cars. Taking on Senator Crane’s advice that Supergirl must be stopped, Alex shows up with a team of DEO agents. Supergirl knocks her out and comes close to hurting her, until Hank transforms into J'onn J'onzz and they scale a building. There’s a pretty epic fight between the two until they land on the ground, when Alex knocks Kara out with the antidote. J'onn transforms back into Hank and is arrested by the DEO.