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Paris Hilton in GQ Russia Paris Hilton goes topless in a classy/trashy luxe fashion photoshoot in GQ! Russian GQ! (Yes ,vodka makes an ...

Most Scandalous Celebrity Photoshoots

Paris Hilton in GQ Russia

Paris Hilton goes topless in a classy/trashy luxe fashion photoshoot in GQ! Russian GQ! (Yes ,vodka makes an appearance.) So, the socialite went topless...but does anyone even care anymore?
Photo: GQ

Nicole Kidman in V Magazine

Holy Buttcheek! From those risque 'The Paperboy' movie stills to this cover and photoshoot in the latest edition of V Magazine, quite a few saucy pictures of the sultry and scantily-clad 45 year-old have been floating around the nets recently...
Photo: V Magazine

Jessica Biel in Gear Magazine

Wishing to shed her '7th Heaven' girl-next-door image, Jessica Biel went for the tried-and-true method of child star making the transition to adult star - the nude magazine photoshoot. However Biel has said her worse regret is the topless shoot she did when she was 17 and reckless: "It was a really bad decision on my part".
Photo: Gear Magazine

Glee Cast (Dianna Agron,Cory Monteith, Lea Michele) in GQ

The sexy, raunchy photos of Gleeksters in GQ's October 2010 issue had parent groups across America in an uproar. The schoolroom fantasy-themed shoot done by notorious photographer, Terry Richardson, was deemed way too raunchy and overstepping the line for actors who portray high school characters. Critics branded the images as 'over-sexualised' and even 'borderline paedophilic' which caused one of the Glee stars, Dianna Agron, to release a public apology for the images, stating "These photos do not represent who i am".
Photo: GQ

Adriana Lima in V Magazine

The supermodel's provocative pose on the cover of V Magazine's Summer 2010 issue was eye-brow raising enough. But throw in the naughty scratch-off V which was strategically placed to cover all the private parts...and it became a much sought-after collectible.
Photo: V Magazine

Kim Kardashian in W

That famous derriere was bared in her 2010 cover shoot for W Magazine, where Kim Kardashian featured in the buff in every single shot. Whether it was her buck naked image on the cover (where her private parts were concealed with red headline labels) or the images inside, where except for a coat of silver paint, Kim was completely naked for all the world to see. Not that she was happy about it, crying and calling the images "porn" and not what she had expected in an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".
Photo: W Magazine

The Dixie Chicks in 'Entertainment Weekly'

After controversy erupted over their anti-Bush and anti-Iraq War remarks in 2003, the country singing supergroup was vilified by the right-wing media and a significant chunk of their fans. Radio stations across America banned their music from the airwaves, and disgruntled fans turned into an angry mob of Dixie Chicks haters.Their response to the scandal two months later was an exclusive bare-all interview and naked cover for Entertainment Weekly where they addressed the furore over the jokey comment: "We're ashamed that the President of the United States if from Texas".
Photo: Entertainment Weekly

Bruce Willis and Wife (Emma Hemming) in W Magazine

In 2009, the 'Die Hard' star celebrated meeting Mrs Willis No.2 (after Demi Moore) with a bizarrely risque, S&M themed photoshoot titled "Honeymoon Hotel" in W Magazine. The movie star appears in various compromising and submissive positions largely naked while his wife plays the dominatrix in the series of photos. The spread caused quite a splash when that month's issue hit the stands.
Photo: W Magazine

Katy Perry in Esquire

The pop star flaunts her chest in a number of eye-popping showbras but rarely goes topless. She showed off her goodies though to Esquire Magazine, posing in a racy photoshoot for the UK Mag's August 2010 edition where she almost bared it all on the cover. Then a month later, she also appeared topless on a beach, wearing only fishnet stockings in a shoot for 'Rolling Stone'.
Photo: Esquire

Lindsay Lohan in Purple Magazine

Lindsay's done so many "official" nakey pics for a whole stable of magazines that it's hard to pick one that stands out, especially when the starlet's never needed to go looking for scandal. In this 2010 photoshoot with (surprise surprise), creepy photographer, Terry Richardson, she lets a lot hang out... 
Sidenote: Lindsay's done a lot of shocking photoshoots holed up in a hotel room at the 'Chateau Marmont' in Beverly Hills with her friend 'Uncle Terry'. This year alone, the photographer's released several 'themed' photosets of Lindsay on his Tumblr blog in various states of undress, rolling around on her bed, holding a gun to her head...
Photo: Purple Magazine

Rihanna in Esquire

She gets her kit off half the time anyway without having to pay the photographer's fee (see the gallery below) but a little professionalism can go a long way in the ahem, 'artistry' of these nudey shots. These sexy shots of a naked Rihanna getting in touch with her roots were done as a 'Sexiest Woman Alive' photoshoot for Esquire in 2011. 
Photo: Esquire

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