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Denise Richards Kate Moss Charlie Sheen's ex, Denise Richards, got down and dirty in December '04 issue of Playboy. The shoo...

Stars Who've Revealed All for Playboy

Denise Richards
Kate Moss

Charlie Sheen's ex, Denise Richards, got down and dirty in December '04 issue of Playboy. The shoot saw her frollicking in the ocean in a sea-weed inspired bathing suit.
Photo: Playboy Magazine, December 2004

The gorgeous model gets a little bit 'Fifty Shades' for her iconic Playboy shoot - wearing a naughty masked pair of bunny ears for the magazine.
Photo: Playboy Magazine, January 2014

Paz de la Huerta

Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta recently appeared on the the cover of the legendary 'gentleman's' magazine. She has spoken of her pride at appearing nude in the magazine alongside other huge stars, "Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe have appeared in Playboy. I celebrate nudity every day. It's our first wardrobe."
Photo: Playboy Magazine, February 2013

Dita Von Teese

Was there ever a more perfect match for the pages of Playboy than burlesque queen Dita Von Teese? When asked about her infamous 2002 cover, Von Teese said, "That was the real stamp of legitimacy from my dad. For the first time, he could easily explain what I did. It was like, 'Look, my daughter's on the cover of Playboy.'"
Photo: Playboy Magazine, December 2002

Kim Kardashian

Kim hit the big time when she posed for the December issue of Playboy back in 2007 - the same year her infamous sex tape was leaked.
Photo: Playboy Magazine, December 2007

Kim Kardashian

Here's Kim posing 'nude' inside the issue - which came out the same year her sex tape with Ray J was released!
Photo: Playboy Magazine, December 2007

Charlize Theron

Charlize - is that you? Yup, that's right! The South African beauty featured on the May 1999 cover.
Photo: Playboy Magazine, May 1999

Anna Nicole Smith

All-round super sexy lady, and Playboy regular, Anna Nicole Smith, poses in a sea of red in 1994.
Photo: Playboy Magazine, Februaray 1994

Lindsay Lohan

The troubled star controversially appeared on the cover of the February 2012 of the men's mag. The former child star channeled blonde bombshell on the cover, and opened up about her decision to pose naked for the mag. "Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, and I go along with nature," she said.
Photo: Playboy Magazine, February 2012

Lindsay Lohan

Here's a...ahem...censored view of one of Lindsay's shots from the issue.
Photo: Playboy Magazine, February 2012

Dannii Minogue

Singer and actress Dannii Minogue posed for Aussie Playboy back in 1995. She said of the decision, "I just had a marriage break-up. Most women go to the hairdressers - I did Playboy." The issue sold out in under 4 days and is still one of the best-selling editions of Playboy in Australia.
Photo: Playboy Magazine Australia, October 1995

Elizabeth Jagger

Model/actress Elizabeth Jagger - and daughter of legendary rocker Mick - caused a stir in 2011 when she appeared mermaid-like on Playboy's June issue. We think she looks totally gorgeous!
Photo: Playboy Magazine, June 2011

Latoya Jackson

MJ's sis, Latoya Jackson, pulled a sexy pose on a motorbike for Playboy way back in 1989.
Photo: Playboy Magazine, March 1989

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