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Khloe Kardashian posed for this PETA poster in the midst of her struggle with body image. Go girl! The ordeal - which shows her almost back...


Khloe Kardashian posed for this PETA poster in the midst of her struggle with body image. Go girl! The ordeal - which shows her almost backing out of the shoot - was shown on her reality TV show, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'.
Photo: PETA

Reality star Brooke Hogan recently posed nude in support of animal rights in a series of photographs called 'Women in Cages'. Brooke said posing in a cage gave her a sense of what it felt like for abused and neglected animals. Eighty per cent of the proceeds made from the photos will go straight to PETA.
Photo: PETA/Jordan Michael Zuniga

Who could ever deny a nude pic of the sultry Eva Mendes? On wearing fur, the actress says, "I look at my beautiful dog and think, 'Of course I'd never eat him or skin him for his fur, so why would I be okay with eating a cow or wearing a cheetah?' It's just not right. It's a contradiction."
Photo: PETA

Holly Madison admits she fakes it! With fur, that is.....
Photo: PETA

Pamela Anderson labels her um....parts.....in a bid to get us to switch from meat to leaf!
Photo: PETA

Aussie glamour girl Sophie Monk spices things up amongst some red hot chilis! Although we're not sure if we could follow suit if going vegetarian meant only eating chili peppers...
Photo: PETA

Porn star Jenna Jameson proves pleather can be just as sexy as the real thing....Raunchy!
Photo: PETA

Alicia Silverstone is a vegan....which apparently means she likes to lay around on the grass with no clothes on. Hmm...
Photo: PETA

'NYPD Blue' actress Charlotte Pass announces she would rather show her buns than wear this cute little guy.
Photo: PETA

Sasha Grey, a former pornographic actress, has an ironic message to share about desexing your pets...
Photo: PETA

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