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Miranda Kerr Is it getting steamy in here? Aussie goddess Miranda Kerr bared all for the May 2014 issue of British GQ magazine. Photo:...

The Classiest Celeb Nude Pics

Miranda Kerr

Is it getting steamy in here? Aussie goddess Miranda Kerr bared all for the May 2014 issue of British GQ magazine.
Photo: GQ magazine

Keira Knightley

This photo not only oozes class, it oozes confidence. Knightley, who recently did this shoot for Interview magazine, wanted her image to remain 'real' and refused any photoshop retouches. Girl power!
Photo: Interview magazine

Megan Gale

Another Aussie beauty, supermodel Megan Gale posed nude for the May 2014 issue of Marie Clare while she was 30 weeks pregnant. She really rocks that pregnancy glow.
Photo: Marie Claire magazine

Kim Kardashian

Now this may not be the most recent of nude photo shoots for Kim, but her shoot for British GQ in October this year really heated things up, winning her GQ Woman of the Year, and we can see why.
Photo: GQ magazine

Gisele Bundchen

No wonder she apparently earns $128,000 a day! Gisele looks drop dead on the June 2014 cover for Lui magazine.
Photo: Lui magazine

Adriana Lima

Brazilian bombshell much! Adriana Lima, who is best known as a Victoria's Secret angel, showed her sexy side for this April 2008 cover of the US GQ magazine.
Photo: GQ magazine

Heidi Klum

Can you believe this supermodel is 41!? Neither can we. She effortlessly nailed this nude cover for the March 2009 issue of German GQ magazine.
Photo: GQ magazine

Jennifer Aniston

Ok does Jen ever age!? Although this gorgeous shoot for GQ magazine was back in 2009, she still rocks that amazing bod!
Photo: GQ magazine

Naomi Campbell

Showing no signs of slowing down, 44 year old supermodel Naomi Campbell boasted nothing but a piece of rope for he nude cover of Love magazine in 2010.
Photo: Love magazine

Scarlett Johansson & Keira Knightley

How do you make a classy nude photo with 2 people? Make sure they are Scar-Jo and Knightley. These two posed super naked with the handsome Tom Ford for Vanity Fair's 'Hollywood' issue in 2006.
Photo: Vanity Fair magazine


With a handful of nude magazine photo shoots under her belt, we can tell Ri-Ri certainly isn't shy. Perhaps this could be her most 'modest' shoot for a 2012 issue of GQ magazine, she is wearing a jacket after all.
Photo: GQ magazine

Serena Williams

Game. Set. Match. Serena looks smoking on the 2009 cover of ESPN the magazine.
Photo: ESPN the magazine

Cindy Crawford

She makes staying in bed all day look sexy. Super-supermodel Cindy Crawford accessorized with only a bed sheet for the March 2014 issue of W magazine.
Photo: W magazine

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