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Kim Kardashian has never been one to hide anything so it's no surprise that this photo went up on her Twitter account, she said: "...

Weirdest and Wildest Celebrity Swimsuits

Kim Kardashian has never been one to hide anything so it's no surprise that this photo went up on her Twitter account, she said: "Photo shoot time! Jewels and red lips #2sexy2tweet." Apparently she's not as insecure as she'd like us to believe...
Photo: Twitter/Kim Kardashian

Bar Rafaeli posed in Sports Illustrated in 2007 in this bikini made from guitar picks, not quite sure where that idea came from and how comfortable that would be for her, definitely a weird swimsuit!
Photo: Sports Illustrated

Ice T's wife Coco Austin is not one to tone down her...assets. The model definitely likes the attention that she receives and she sported this look for a Halloween party in 2002. Coco's 'costume' doesn't really look like most devil costumes and we put it high up on the wild scale, which was no doubt her intention.
Photo: Getty Images

Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated cover in 2012 received lots of attention for their use of Photoshop, and we can see why...We can't imagine that many people would be trying to copy this look, it's very high on both the weird and wild scales!
Photo: Sports Illustrated

We wouldn't be able to mention weirdest swimsuits without mentioning the mankini and Borat! The mankini is the king of all the weirdest swimsuits!
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Remember when Paris Hilton was popular? Neither. We're not really sure what possessed her to wear butterflies as her bikini top, but we do know that we think that it's super weird...
Photo: WireImage

Katy Perry's California Gurls clip is all kinds of crazy and Katy isn't exactly scared to dress up a little...differently. So when we saw the singer wearing this bikini, we can't say that it was the biggest shock in the world.
Photo: YouTube

Drag Queen Yara Sofia posed for photographers in this crazy bikini in 2011. We can't tell what's crazier - the bikini or that hairstyle?
Photo: Getty Images

This swimsuit that Lindsay Ellingson wore for Victoria's Secret is both weird and wild, did she just forget to put on the top? What would happen if her hair was slightly shorter. Somehow we can't imagine that this picture sold too many swimsuits...
Photo: Victoria's Secret

Look at that - a bikini you can make with lettuce! Pamela Anderson posed in this lettuce bikini in a shoot for PETA in 2008.
Photo: PETA

Does this classify as a bikini or a one piece? Naomi Campbell sported this swimsuit in 2003, and despite it's weirdness, she kind of pulls it off!
Photo: WireImage

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