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Season 7 is not messing around. Merely one week after Game of Thrones introduced the existence of Euron Greyjoy’s enormous (and possibly...

‘Game of Thrones’ Mini Recap: No Joy for the Greyjoys

Season 7 is not messing around. Merely one week after Game of Thrones introduced the existence of Euron Greyjoy’s enormous (and possibly magically built?) fleet of battleships, its pay-off proved swift and brutal. Not only was Yara and Theon’s fleet thoroughly destroyed by their uncle’s, Yara was taken prisoner, Theon jumped overboard like a coward, Ellaria Sand was captured, and the two of the three Sand Snakes were murdered! If this was the gift Euron promised Cersei, his chances of winning her hand in marriage just improved dramatically.

This brutal loss at sea marked a huge defeat for Daenerys and Tyrion’s plans to retake the Iron Throne from Cersei. Their alliance with the Iron Islands and Dorne was the lynchpin of Daenery’s plan to defeat Cersei diplomatically, but now it appears she’ll need to take Lady Olenna’s advice and “be a dragon.” (Note: The scene in which all these female leaders schemed around Daenerys’s war table together was an all-star team-up to rival The Avengers. Alas.)

“Stormborn’s” surprises didn’t end there. We were also treated to the long-wished-for return of Arya’s direwolf, Nymeria! Though it’s not yet clear whether Arya’s exiled former pet remembers her, let alone will choose to return with her to Winterfell, the reunion was a nice callback to one of Season 1’s most wrenching moments. And, oh yeah, the moment where Arya discovered that Jon Snow had become the King of the North was pretty emotional as well. So much so she decided to go find him rather than continue on her murder quest to King’s Landing!

Elsewhere, Sam attempted to cure Ser Jorah of his greyscale using a highly experimental technique involving a chisel and what we’re guessing was a terrible stench. Meanwhile, Cersei’s mad scientist developed a new and experimental method of killing dragons: shooting them with a crossbow! Also, Melisandre showed up to pledge allegiance to Daenerys, which was pretty great. And Missandei finally got a good look at Greyworm’s, uh, situation. (But WE didn’t. Thanks a lot, HBO.)

Anyway, that’s just the tip of the dragonglass spear, so check back shortly for our full Game of Thrones photo recap!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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