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Warning: This mini recap for “The Spoils of War” episode of Game of Thrones contains spoilers. Assuming full battle armor poses a s...

'Game of Thrones' mini-recap: Did [SPOILER] just get killed by a dragon?

Warning: This mini recap for “The Spoils of War” episode of Game of Thrones contains spoilers.

Assuming full battle armor poses a swimming challenge, there is a very good chance we just saw Jaime Lannister sink into a watery grave! By no means a definitive ending, “The Spoils of War” concluded with that image and left us to weigh whether he’ll survive or not. The arguments against: Those eerily silent credits; Jaime’s various nice-guy moments sprinkled throughout the episode make for an honorable send-off; and, y’know, armor is HEAVY. On the other hand, this is Game of Thrones, and when characters die, this show usually leaves no question marks about it. Maybe some mermaid or mystical beaver will save Jaime’s life, who knows? Point is, at the end of one of Game of Thrones‘ BEST EVER battle sequences, Jaime Lannister avoided point-blank dragon incineration only to fall into a very deep pond and drown? There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

But perhaps discussing Jaime’s fate is beside the point when Daenerys finally used her dragons in battle! Despite her entire team (and even Jon Snow) warning her that using dragons in wartime would be way uncool, Daenerys decided to notch at least one win for her side by attacking and incinerating a huge chunk of the Lannister army as they caravanned their ill-gotten gains back to King’s Landing. We’d seen Dany use her dragons in the past, but never like this. We’re talking entire swathes of soldiers rendered into ash statues, Pompeii-style. Just a truly satisfying and ambitious battle scene to surpass our most fiery expectations. And yes, in case you were wondering, Cersei’s custom-made giant crossbow was indeed not all that amazing in the end. Daenerys’ dragon should have a healed shoulder within hours.

Aside from all that grade-A dragon carnage, the rest of the episode functioned as a veritable Stark reunion-fiesta! Arya arrived in Winterfell and caught up with both Sansa and Bran, and I think we can all agree these kids are quite different than the last time they’d hung out together. Sansa, for example, is one million percent less lame than last time Arya saw her, and Bran is, of course, now the worst. Still, it was hard not to shed a tear when Arya finally hugged her older sister again. Meanwhile on another shore, Jon Snow reunited with his erstwhile adopted brother Theon Greyjoy for a less joyous reunion, but still. It was a good day for the surviving Stark kids and wards!

Anyway, that’s just the tip of the giant crossbow harpoon, so check back shortly for our full Game of Thrones photo recap!