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Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn in ‘Scandal’ (Mitch Haaseth/ABC) Warning: This recap for the “The People v. Olivia Pope” episode of S...

'Scandal' recap: Olivia loses more than her friends

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn in ‘Scandal’ (Mitch Haaseth/ABC)

Warning: This recap for the “The People v. Olivia Pope” episode of Scandal contains spoilers.

Olivia Pope can do no wrong — at least in her own mind.

But she has been doing wrong, a lot of wrong, and for quite a while. So, Fitz lures her to Vermont, not to make jam or even have sex, but to surprise her with a gladiator intervention. Everyone’s there (even David). But can Olivia listen, learn, and repent?

The short answer: No. Again, to Olivia, she’s always right, and she’ll take down anybody who says different (even Fitz).

Now, nearly everybody realizes that the Big Bad is Olivia (except for Jake). The question is, what can do they about it?

Here’s a rundown of what went down this week:

Olivia and Fitz wake up, all afterglow-y and lovey-dovey from their night together. He asks her to go to Vermont with him and she agrees. They jet there and she’s all set to make jam and make sweet, sweet love… until she sees Huck is there. And so is Abby and Marcus and David. They’re in Vermont to give Liv a stern talking to about her nefarious doings with B613. Gladiators, assemble!

Meanwhile, at Rowan’s house, he and Charlie are tussling in the baby’s room when Quinn arrives to break it up. Of course, Charlie is shocked that she’s alive. Shocked and mad — he almost killed a bunch of people thinking she was dead. Quinn soothes him by introducing him to their daughter, baby Robin.

More shocks occur at the White House, when Cyrus informs Mellie that Olivia was responsible for President Rashad’s death in the plane bombing. And she’s responsible for Quinn’s death (nobody knows she’s actually alive, but whatever). Mellie can hardly process it all.

Back to the intervention, Fitz gently tells Olivia they are all here to help her. Abby explains that they’re willing to forgive her and that David won’t prosecute her if she leaves the White House and B613.

Liv is furious. “There is not a person in here who hasn’t had to get their hands a little bit dirty,” she yells. Then, she starts to call them out individually. After all, she knows their secrets. Huck’s past, what Abby did to Huck, many things about Fitz, etc.

When Fitz informs her that the Secret Service has been ordered not to let her leave, Olivia storms off.

Did you notice someone is not present at the intervention? Jake. He’s prowling the White House, looking for Liv. When he enters the B613 “office” in the pool, he finds Mellie waiting for him. She wants him to give Liv a message that she knows about Rashad and wants to know why he had to die.

Over at Rowan’s, baby Robin is wailing her head off. Charlie looks helpless, but Quinn and Rowan start singing Britney Spears to her and Robin totally quiets down. It’s Britney, bitch!