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Love it or hate it, ‘Love Island’ is one of the most compelling shows on TV, no thanks to its open acknowledgment (and embracement) of sex....

Sexual health clinic trolls Love Island with safe-sex tweet

Love it or hate it, ‘Love Island’ is one of the most compelling shows on TV, no thanks to its open acknowledgment (and embracement) of sex.

Case in point: a challenge from last night’s show which involved the Islanders guessing the number of sexual partners of their other half.

What resulted was a bit of upset, when Eyal guessed that Megan had 37 sexual partners, 17 more than her actual lucky number, causing her to accuse Eyal of making unfair assumptions about her sex life, saying: “Just because I’m open and I say I enjoy sex, it’s 2018. I’m a woman.

“I’m allowed to enjoy sex if I want to but it doesn’t mean that I’ve slept with every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks in a bar. ‘It’s just annoyed me so much. You’d think he would have a bit more respect for me.”

In response to the sexual partner dramas, one Northern-based sexual health clinic took the time to remind people that it’s not about the number but the method.

Spectrum Sexual Health services in the Wakefield, Barnsley and Wigan & Leigh district took to Twitter to pose the question: “Does it matter how many sexual partners your current partner has had?

“The questions you should be asking are ‘Were you having #SafeSex?’ & “When did you last take an #STItest?’

“REMEMBER it only takes 1 sexual encounter & 0 condoms to pass on #Syphilis and other #STIs. #LoveIsland”

They make a fair point.

Belinda Loftus, Cluster Manager for Sexual Health Services at Spectrum Community Health CIC, said: “In any TV programme where there’s a focus on relationships, it would be good to see some promotion of care to keep people’s sexual heath intact and ensure no STIs are passed between participants.

“Love Island is a confined environment and as we have seen after only three weeks, emotions can be run high. It is important in these situations, that people practice safe sex and keep a level head.

“With shows like Love Island there will be plenty of preparation behind the scenes. Contestants will be briefed on safe sex, informed consent and what resources are available to them.

“However it would be good if this was made more visible in the programme, so viewers can also benefit from this guidance.”

So far, both Laura and Wes and Megan and Eyal have admitted to have had sex in the villa, but what goes on behind the scenes to ensure safe sex is practiced?

The good news is that the Love Island producers are apparently really strict issue of safe sex, The Sun reports.

Liana Isadora Van-Riel, a contestant on the 2016 show, told the paper that the Islanders are provided with condoms and are all offered STI tests before entering the villa to ensure they’re clean (though it’s not clear how many take up this offer).

They are also offered counselling after sex if they want it.

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