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Here’s Six more film folk who go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy every single dumb action flick they’re in. Tom Cruise Tom Cruise doe...

Six actors who love stunts as much as Tom Cruise

Here’s Six more film folk who go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy every single dumb action flick they’re in.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise doesn’t seem happy unless he’s hanging off the edge of something, or leaping from one ledge to another from a massive great height.
But who else enjoys risking their life for the sake of cinema? Click through to find out!

Daniel Craig
The opening of Casino Royale is considered by many Bond fans to be the greatest stunt in the franchise’s long history.
That’s partly because Craig did it for real – yes, even that fight scene on top of a crane 200ft in the air.
Craig’s continued to do his own 007 stunts, even injuring his knee during Spectre’s fight scene with Dave Bautista.

Jason Statham
Statham’s pretty passionate about doing his own stunts. “I’m inspired by the people who could do their own work,” the actor said. “Bruce Lee never had stunt doubles and fight doubles, or Jackie Chan or Jet Li. I’ve been in action movies where there is a face replacement and I’m fighting with a double, and it’s embarrassing.
“But if you really are an aficionado of action movies, you know who’s doing what and who ain’t. To me it’s a little bit sad.”

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz went shoulder-to-shoulder with Cruise when they made Knight & Day together. Diaz did her own stunt driving on the action flick – which means she was behind the wheel (and on the back of the bike) for some impressive sequences.

Christian Bale
Bale trained for months in order to be able to basically be Batman for Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, mastering the martial art know as Keysi. “It’s a very instinctive kind of martial art,” Bale said. “It’s not about choreography; it’s very much about using your adrenaline and becoming an animal in your fighting style.”
But it wasn’t just the fight sequences – that really is Bale standing on the edge of Hong Kong’s second tallest building.

Keanu Reeves
Someone, somewhere, please pay Keanu Reeves whatever he wants to appear in the next Mission Impossible movie.
After all, he did 90% of his own action scenes on John Wick (and if you’ve seen John Wick, you’ll know that’s a lot of action scenes), is an accomplished martial artist in his own right and, well, he’s Keanu Reeves.
Still, don’t tell him he does his own stunts. “I get to do some physical acting. I get involved in some action but they’re not stunts. I flip over guys, I get flipped, I run, I jump, I play.”