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Sunday’s season two finale of Westworldproved that pretty much nothing is finite -- except for human consciousness. Titled “The Passenger,”...

'Westworld' Season 2 Finale Sets the Stage for a Major Reset

Sunday’s season two finale of Westworldproved that pretty much nothing is finite -- except for human consciousness. Titled “The Passenger,” the episode made bold claims about what it means to be human. According to Ford (Anthony Hopkins), humans are nothing more than passengers to predetermined algorithms; it’s the hosts, questioning their fundamental drives, who really have free will.

That’s in essence what the door was this season: a choice for the hosts, to enter the “virtual Eden” as many of them did, or stay behind to fight for a place in the real world, like Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood).

But opening that door -- and then closing it -- didn’t come easily. After all, we had a 90 minute episode and lots of time (and hosts) to kill to set the show up for a major season three reset in the real world. Here’s how it went down.

Dolores, reeling from Teddy’s (James Marsden) death, got her act together and headed off towards the Valley Beyond/Glory/The Door/The Forge to finish her mission, where she came upon the Man in Black (Ed Harris), reeling from Emily’s (Katja Herbers) death and questioning the nature of his reality. They parted ways at the door, where the Man in Black accidentally shot his hand to pieces, and Dolores decided to take Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) -- who she created when recreating Arnold failed -- down to the forge.

So what is the forge? It’s an underground lair where copies of every member of the park are kept. While in the forge, Dolores and Bernard opened the door -- before destroying it and flooding the valley (hence all the dead bodies in the season premiere).

The door was actually an opening in the sky, which led to a virtual world where hosts could be “free.” Pretty much every host was thrilled with the idea and lined up for their new life, with Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) leading the way -- except for Dolores, who called it a “gilded cage” that couldn’t compete with the real world. She’d rather see the hosts die than live in a dream.

Before Dolores closed the door, however, Maeve (Thandie Newton) figured out how to save herself from being dismembered, as her crew finally found her in the lab. They headed out with Lee’s (Simon Quarterman) help to reunite with her daughter. Lee later sacrificed himself to allow Maeve and her group to escape from Delos guards (Read our interview with Quarterman here).

Those Delos guards, under Charlotte’s (Tessa Thompson) orders, were also on their way to the door, where Charlotte planned to use Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) as a creepy horse(wo)man of the apocalypse, causing the hosts to kill each other as she passed by on horseback. It then became Maeve vs. Clementine in a battle of the minds, before Clementine’s voodoo came out victorious. Maeve and her crew were all killed, but her daughter was able to make it to the door alongside Akecheta.

Then the door closed.

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