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Kim Kardashian is currently caught up in a bit of a photoshopping scandal. Yep, another one! Just ICYMI the reality TV queen was recently s...

Is it such a big deal if Kim Kardashian photoshops her pictures on social media?

Kim Kardashian is currently caught up in a bit of a photoshopping scandal. Yep, another one! Just ICYMI the reality TV queen was recently snapped on a girls’ holiday to Mexico in a skimpy bikini revealing her famous derriere. Standard. The difference between these shots and the countless other belfies Kimmy has shared on her social media channels is that this time the airbrush had been left back at the hotel and her famous butt appeared in all its dimpled glory. Cue uproar.

Fans took to social media in their droves furiously accusing the ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star of unashamedly photoshopping her previous shots to show-off a perfectly peachy derriere, when really she was, shock horror, flawed.

The Daily Mail has since reported that Kim has lost 100,000 Instagram followers overnight, giving an indication of the betrayal her fans felt about Kim’s previous alleged altering of her photos to remove cellulite. And her social media feed is littered with cries of “fake” “phoney” “false”.

Here at Yahoo Style, we’re a little confused by the furore. Sure we get that people are peeved that the seemingly perfect images they’ve been poring over have required a swipe of the photoshop. We have and will continue to call out brands who’ve excessively airbrushed pictures mainly because it leads to unrealistic beauty expectations. So, when Kim K is accused of doing the same, you could argue that we should have the same level of fury? Particularly if it piles unnecessary pressure on influential young girls into striving for a perfection that doesn’t really exist?

But was anyone really under the illusion that Kim never sprinkled a little magic over the pictures she shared on social media? Aren’t the Kardashians, like all women, entitled to show the world the best possible version of themselves? So is it really a big deal if they choose only to share images where they’ve used the best angles, filters and lighting?

The fact is that we know that things shared on social media aren’t entirely real. Are we accusing everyone who uses a filter on their Instagram of being fake? Who gets creative with the FaceTune of betraying all their followers? Could the same rule be applied to parents who only pose snaps of their children looking Insta-perfect and not the picture ten seconds earlier with chocolate round their chops?

We wouldn’t call out our friends for not sharing an unflattering bikini belly snap from their holiday or going a little crazy on the FaceTune, so is this situation really so different?

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