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Call Laurence Llewyn-Bowen, find a day for the IKEA delivery and send out the house warming invites because Jack has asked Dani to move in ...

Love Island medic Dr Alex dates a Ferrari as Alexandra finally calls him out on ‘pathetic’ behaviour: ‘Shame on you’

Call Laurence Llewyn-Bowen, find a day for the IKEA delivery and send out the house warming invites because Jack has asked Dani to move in with him.

Essex’s answer to Deirdre and Ken Barlow made their relationship official weeks before Dr Alex learned how to talk to a woman, and have confessed their love for each other more times than Georgia claimed to be “loyal”.

And now they’ve taken the logical the step any couple would take after knowing each other for less than a month by agreeing to move in when they leave the Love Island villa.

Jack took the plunge as the pair enjoyed an early morning hot air balloon ride over Mallorca to watch the sunset – something Dani has never seen despite living on earth for 22 years.

Putting forward his pitch the pen salesman said: “I haven’t loved anyone like this before. You’re that girl that’s changed me. I’ve got something I want to ask you. This will be amazing. Will you move in with me?”

Dani replied: “Of course I will. I love you.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut she later said: “It was so romantic I’ve never seen a sunrise. For a boy to look at a future with me and want a future with me I’ve always, always wanted it.”

Unfortunately the feelings weren’t mutual for Dr Alex and Alexandra who appeared to be on two completely different dates despite being in the same Ferrari.

Their consultation, we mean date, was predictably over shadowed by the medic’s preference for cars over Alexandra.

He fired up the engine but failed to ignite any feelings for the make-up artist, despite her telling him: “I love a guy who is passionate about things and you’re so passionate about cars. It’s really attractive.”

Trying her hardest, for reasons we cannot fathom, to make him like her she continued: “I feel like we need to go out and have some fun. I’ve felt a bit hesitant in here about you not wanting to move too fast. Are you going to be able to give a bit more?”

Proving himself to be the uninterested man we knew he was he replied: “I hope so.”

But things went from bad to worse after it became apparent the sunburnt medic wouldn’t be the only person returning to A&E after the show, but Alexandra too who is in desperate need of a remedy to fix her broken heart.

Pulling her aside after their date to break things off, even after she wore a red dress to match his red Ferrari, he said: “We’ve given this a really good go but what you want is quite different from mine. It’s been two weeks but I feel like I’m not at that level.”

Alexandra replied: “How have you let me believe there is a chance?”

Attempting to defend himself Alex lied: “I wanted to give things a second try.”

Finally calling him out on his nice-guy act Alexandra shot him down: “I don’t think you did. You’re trying to come across as this super nice guy.”


“You haven’t been honest with me. You’ve not tried – I’ve tried.”


“I think you’re pathetic. You’re absolutely pathetic. You’ve wasted my time and your own. Shame on you.”

Thank you and goodnight.

Love Island is on ITV2, tomorrow night at 9pm

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