From Digital Spy Love Island dropped another recoupling on us tonight (July 19) and there's been a bit of a shake-up of the pairings....

Love Island viewers are losing trust in Dr Alex

From Digital Spy

Love Island dropped another recoupling on us tonight (July 19) and there's been a bit of a shake-up of the pairings.

The excitement began when the Islanders were instructed via text to gather around the firepit for the recoupling, with the power in the hands of the boys this time as they each picked a girl to couple up with.

Georgia Steel and Sam Bird were told to pick first, with Sam announcing that he had something important to say.

"I feel like Georgia is the person I want to be with," he said. "I'm falling for her. I actually refuse to recouple."

A very emotional Georgia then stood up to say: "I've not only lost a guy I really fancy but I've lost my best mate. I'm not going to recouple with someone else. I want to recouple with Sam, whether that's inside or outside the villa."

The rest of the Islanders applauded the couple's decision to get back together, with Georgia whispering: "I'm so happy."

Josh Denzel coupled up with his girlfriend Kazimir Crossley, who he called his "best friend", while Wes Nelson chose to recouple with his girlfriend Megan Barton Hanson.

He admitted that he has to pinch himself every morning when he wakes up next to Megan, insisting he "can't wait for our future outside the villa".

Jack Fincham recoupled with his girlfriend Dani Dyer, saying: "To find someone so amazing... I feel so, so lucky. I honestly love everything about her."

Jack Fowler was up next and he decided to couple up with new girl Laura Crane, admitting: "I can't wait to see what happens inside and outside the villa."

New boy Paul Knops said: "I have to look at someone I can see a possible future with," and revealed that he had chosen to couple up with Laura Anderson.

It then came down to Alex George to make his decision, saying he has enjoyed getting to know someone he has a lot in common with over the past few days.

But he added that he feared he had "prematurely ended things" with someone else, revealing that he wanted to couple up with Alexandra Cane again.

It was then down to Josh Mair to make his choice, choosing to couple up with fellow newbie Stephanie Lam.

But we didn't get to bask in the happiness for long, as Georgia quickly received a text informing her that she and Sam would have to say their goodbyes and leave the villa as a result of recoupling with each other.

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