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Love Island’s Stephanie is set to have a meltdown after finding out about Jack and Laura’s secret kiss while Sam and Georgia make an emotio...

Love Island’s Stephanie rages as she finds out about Jack and Laura’s kiss while Sam and Georgia face emotional recoupling

Love Island’s Stephanie is set to have a meltdown after finding out about Jack and Laura’s secret kiss while Sam and Georgia make an emotional decision ahead of recoupling.

In scenes to air tonight, emotions run high as Jack takes tips from the “you could be happier” boys and grafts new Laura, despite expressing interest in Stephanie.

New Jack sends Stephanie over the edge after she finds out from just about everyone else in the villa about his steamy kiss with new Laura.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Stephanie’s says: “I don’t feel annoyed about the kiss whatsoever because we’ve been in here a few days, Laura’s in the exact same position as I am...

“The one thing I was p***** off about is that everyone knew except me. I’m a very approachable person.

“I feel like I’m going to cry, I don’t know why. I actually don’t know why I’m crying, I just feel mugged off. Everyone knew except me. I’m just so embarrassed.”

Taking the defence, Jack claims he "wanted to be the one” to break the news to Stephanie, which is definitely believable considering the ratio of muggy behaviour to honesty in the villa.

He says: “I haven’t not purposely spoken to you or purposely spoken to Laura, it’s just the way it’s happened but me and Laura have been getting on quite well.

“I actually wanted to be the one to tell you that. “I wanted to tell you first thing in the morning, I wanted to tell Alex as well. I wanted to let you know because I didn’t think it would be fair to…”

An unconvinced Stephanie reveals that she feels “mugged off” by Jack and declares him “disingenuous” as a result.

Meanwhile, as if there wasn’t enough drama happening, Sam and Georgia take on the roles of star-crossed lovers but quickly realise their attempt to fight against the world and stay together inside the villa isn’t going to be made too easy as they’re declared the first to pick in the recoupling.

Opening up to Sam, Georgia says: “Basically I can’t go in a bed with Josh. I’d be lying in bed thinking ‘I hope Sam’s lying in bed thinking of me.’ I wouldn’t know if you are. I really, really like you.”

Sam admits: “I don’t think Georgia’s fully understood what is about to happen. This is the recoupling.

“It’s all well and good splitting up and being single and talking to other people but if the people we’ve been talking to is nothing like what we had, then what are we doing?”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2

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