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From Digital Spy As the Love Island villa reverberates with the shock of tonight's (July 22) surprise dumping, Josh Mair and Stephani...

Newly dumped Love Island couple speak out

From Digital Spy

As the Love Island villa reverberates with the shock of tonight's (July 22) surprise dumping, Josh Mair and Stephanie Lam have now spoken about their exit.

The islanders were thrown into complete chaos this evening, following a text from producers asking them to gather by the fire pit. What transpired was a classic reality TV nail biter.

Although the two were an item on-screen, Josh has acknowledged that it was out of necessity more than anything, as they became known as a 'friendship couple'.

On the subject of any outside romance between himself and Steph, Josh explained: "I don't think we will pursue things, we realised quite quickly that it was just friends. Obviously due to the situation, it would have been silly not to try, so we did. But it wasn't meant to be.

"We both said we wouldn't force anything and we would be completely truthful. As soon as we knew it was a public vote, I knew straightaway we would leave. It made sense as we were the only non-compatible couple. I'm not too disheartened."

Steph concurred with Josh's analysis, mentioning: "I don't think we will ever be anything more than just good friends. He's a lovely guy but we are just different people.

"The more that I got to know him, the more I realised we are in two completely different worlds. We'll be friends for a long time but there will never be anything romantic there."

When discussing her hopes for the other islanders, the newly-evicted Steph thinks she knows who'll be engaged this time next year.

"Of course it would be Jack and Dani. 100% they will get married and have kids, they were made for each other," she shared. "I definitely think they will win. They have been together from the start."

Following suit on the subject of Love Island's strongest couple, Josh noted: "The obvious answer is Jack and Dani but I'd like to say Wes and Megan.

"The way they are around each other, I haven't seen anything like that for a long time," he elaborated. "The way they look at each other. I can understand why people gave her a hard time in the beginning, because she was jumping ship a lot, but she has calmed down a lot and settled and I don't have a bad thing to say about her."

So there you have it, Josh and Steph are no longer in the running for the Love Island crown. But who will be the next victims of the public vote?

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