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While Sophie and Abigail Hall have the same parents, similar facial features and DNA, the sisters did not grow up sharing clothes. But th...

Slim and curvy sisters Sophie and Abigail Hall pose together in bikinis

While Sophie and Abigail Hall have the same parents, similar facial features and DNA, the sisters did not grow up sharing clothes.

But they both were and are equally beautiful, which was recently proven in a series of posts shared by Sophie, a stunning blonde Instagram star with curves to kill.

In the pictures, Sophie and Abigail, 28 and 22 respectively, posed in matching gingham bikinis that highlighted their gorgeous figures.

“To be honest having a sister that’s always been much slimmer than myself, along with a mother that always questioned ‘should you eat that Soph?’" Sophie captioned the first of the photos, in which their matching ruby lipstick and light eyes captivate.

"Then with nearly every girl being super slim in the magazines etc, It really did make me question my beauty and even my worth at times,”

“I am so happy to see such a change in the modeling and fashion industry, where I can see women that I can actually relate to in something other than height.

"Believe me when I say your size doesn’t determine your worth or how beautiful you are. Your confidence, a warm heart and a strong belief in your self tells the world how beautiful you are.”

She posted two more photos of her and her brunette sister in varying poses. “Same Mother, same Father, different bodies, both are beautiful,” Sophie wrote.

“Beauty is not defined by one shape or size, true beauty is unique, rare, and radiates from your soul outwards.”

Sophie told Yahoo Lifestyle that her inspiration behind posting the images “is to show that even two people with the same genetics, same exact parents, yet two completely different shaped bodies are still both beautiful.”

“I know I used to think that the only beauty was thin, because that’s all I ever really saw in magazines, shows, etc., growing up. I wanted to share that everybody is beautiful in their own unique way. It’s OK to be different and embrace it.”

And while anyone with a slimmer sister knows the self-esteem issues that can cause, Abigail’s physical differences weren’t the sole sources of frustration in Sophie’s childhood.

“It was hard being larger in general, not just with my sibling,” Sophie insists.

“At 12 years old I was 5’10 and 214lbs, where all my friends were 5 feet and 90lbs.”

She says it made her feel “abnormal, big and ugly. I ended up very insecure, depressed and became bulimic.” What made it worse was that her mom was petite and didn’t understand how she felt.

But that was then, this is now: “Eventually I realized there’s no way in hell I’ll ever be 5’1 and I’m not built to be 100lbs. I decided to stop hating myself and decided to start embracing everything that made me different. I’m also 28 now I have the body of a woman, of a mother. I know now that uniqueness is absolutely beautiful.”

And her followers agree. “2 great woman, beautiful picture…i really love your curves Sophie, Bravo!” one fan commented on her post. “2Queens. I salute you,” wrote another. “Damn Sophie, I love this post so much. You’re both stunning goddesses!!” a third echoed.

“I’ve been getting great responses from other women who have gained courage and confidence from viewing my page,” Sophie said.

“They are at peace with their cellulite and jiggle and they see themselves in my ‘flaws’ and my insecurities. I especially love messages from fellow tall/curvy women and the mama’s with their mommy tummies. It makes me really happy to know that I am making a difference in somebody’s life. I want to be the role model I needed when I was growing up.”

Her self-image has changed a lot since she was a kid. “My curves are like an Ancient Greek Goddess’ and my height is statuesque,” she says. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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