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Photo: WireImage. Though the fate of the high-budget sci-fi thriller Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is yet to be determine...

Rihanna Is the Princess of the Valerian Red Carpet

Photo: WireImage.

Though the fate of the high-budget sci-fi thriller Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is yet to be determined, the studio can go ahead and pat itself on the back for one indisputable win: casting Rihanna in the film. For Monday night’s premiere in Hollywood, the singer-cum-action star arrived wearing a light pink couture dress by Giambattista Valli alongside her stylist/train wrangler, Mel Ottenberg. She paired the off-the-shoulder tulle creation with a pair of laced-up Manolo Blahnik heels and a matching clutch. She posted five photos of the look to her Instagram after the night was over, captioning one of them with a succinct “spam.”

Rihanna’s co-star and friend Cara Delevingne also chose couture for the red carpet, a 3-D-printed gown by Iris van Herpen. The silver dress was sculptural and dizzying and a perfect fit for the star of a space-age action film. When posing on the red carpet, Rihanna and Delevingne looked like they were Photoshopped next to each other thanks to their wildly different looks. The two seem to have different ideas of what the future holds, but they can at least agree on one thing: it has couture.

This story originally appeared on Vanity Fair.

The hashtag #ThingsJesusNeverSaid has been trending in Ireland all day. The hashtag has been going for months and appears to have been...

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid trends as Twitter users get hilariously blasphemous

The hashtag #ThingsJesusNeverSaid has been trending in Ireland all day.

The hashtag has been going for months and appears to have been started to accompany serious arguments around what the Bible teaches.

However, witty Twitter users have piggybacked the trend, sharing hilarious jokes about things Jesus never said, from pop-culture references to carpenting jokes.

The trend has been in the top ten Irish trends all morning, but of course no Irish users are joining in, seeing as blasphemy is technically illegal in Ireland.
See our favourites below - did we miss any?

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When it comes to making a fashion statement, Kendall Jenner learned from the best. She strolled the Met Gala carpet in a La Perla Haute Cou...

Kendall Jenner Wears Behind-Baring Dress to Met Gala, Channeling Famous Past Look

When it comes to making a fashion statement, Kendall Jenner learned from the best. She strolled the Met Gala carpet in a La Perla Haute Couture gown.

The sheer, backless look came with a thigh-high slit and a diagonal chest-baring cutout, and left not much to the imagination on the back. As Bustle reports, the look was made of 85,000 hand-painted crystals. Jenner capped off all that opulence with a simple red lip and otherwise natural beauty look.

She also looked completely calm and collected while walking around in what is essentially a sheer sheet.

We have two questions: How many hours went into tailoring this, and who will get in deep trouble if it slips?

A high-fashion crystal sheet is hard to keep in place, as visible in this video of Jenner subtly adjusting her shoulder straps while chatting with Dakota Fanning. Note her perfect posture, even in pretty much nothing else but heels and a thong.

Jenner clearly has no problem claiming the red carpet, but she’s also taken a cue from Rose McGowan’s iconic 1998 MTV VMAs sheer black “dress.”

Photo: REX/Getty Images

McGowan’s look is just as memorable despite (or maybe because of) even less fabric. Her knee-length mesh dress showed off her chest, whereas the fringed back had a Jennerlike focus on the booty.

At the time, McGowan told Roseanne Barr that she planned to “cause an entrance, cause a scene, whatever” — and that she had to kneel on the limo on the way over to prevent “griddle butt…like a waffle print.”

We can only hope that Jenner gives a similar rundown of the logistics (and magic) that went into her own “scene” of an evening.

Women often post partially nude images to social media. (Photo: Getty Images) The latest social media fad taking over is much more risq...

The One Finger Selfie Challenge Is Very Risqué — and Going Viral

Women often post partially nude images to social media. (Photo: Getty Images)

The latest social media fad taking over is much more risqué than the popular mannequin challenge. To compete in what is being called the One Finger Selfie Challenge, unclothed women are posting mirror selfies and holding up one finger to cover themselves up.

The trend is inspired by Japanese anime artist Sky-FreeDom who has created illustrations similar to the poses the women are emulating. YouTuber Aimee Davison posted a quick tutorial explaining the origins of the challenge and even did it herself.

Kate Upton is gracing the cover of the 2017 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue yet again! (Photo: Yu Tsai/Sports Illustrated) Sports Il...

She’s Baaack! Kate Upton Lands 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover

Kate Upton is gracing the cover of the 2017 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue yet again! (Photo: Yu Tsai/Sports Illustrated)

Sports Illustrated gave fans quite the Valentine’s Day treat when it revealed the 2017 swimsuit issue cover girl, Kate Upton, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Shot by photographer Yu Tsai in Fiji, fans will have three cover shots of the gorgeous Upton to choose from: One of her in a barely there macramé number (where she uses her hand as a top), one in a pair of white bottoms with a sparkly silver jacket, and a final shot of Upton in gold chains, once again using her hand to cover up. Apparently, bikini tops are in scarce supply in Fiji.

“This is the biggest deal in all of modeling, right?” Kimmel asked Upton when she took a seat on the couch next to him. “Is there anything bigger than the Sports Illustrated  swimsuit issue?”

“Not for me!” exclaimed the model.

The cameras love Kate Upton. (Photo: Yu Tsai/Sports Illustrated)

Believe it or not, the 24-year-old didn’t know that she had landed the cover until Monday … and even then, she had no idea what cover the magazine had picked.

“When did they tell you that you were going to be on the cover of the magazine?” Kimmel asked. “Because as I understand, this is a very secretive thing.”

“They’re very difficult to read,” Upton — who is engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander — told him. “They just completely ghost you. They just don’t ever talk to you at all. You’re, like, texting, ‘Hey, what’s going on? Is there an SI launch? Are we going to announce anything?’ And then they finally gave me a call yesterday.”

Kimmel joked with Upton that there are probably a bunch of angry women right now, but Upton assured him none of the angry women were swimsuit models.

Kate Upon poses in Fiji. (Photo: Yu Tsai/Sports Illustrated)

Upton is particularly proud to be featured on the cover of this year’s issue, as its theme is body diversity and age inclusion. “To have an issue that focuses on that is really an amazing moment for me, because I think it’s important for everyone to be the best they can be, but not to strive to be a company or industry’s idea of perfect,” Upton tells Sports Illustrated. “For SI to emphasize every different type of perfect is really inspiring. Those are the campaigns I want to do and the career I want to have — to inspire women to love themselves.”

Sports Illustrated is equally pleased to be featuring Upton on its cover for the third time.

Though she started modeling for such brands as Dooney & Bourke and Guess, Upton shot to fame thanks to her first appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue back in 2011. She was named Rookie of the Year, and went on to grace the covers of the 2012 and 2013 issues. From there, her star exploded.

“We didn’t start off with the idea of three covers, regardless of who was on the cover,” explained SI swimsuit editor MJ Day of the 2017 edition. “But when Kate was actually shooting, we were trying so many different looks on her and each photo was coming back just as great as the next.”

Day continued, “It’s a full circle moment for us. We started Kate in her career, and you know, we watched her grow and become not only this worldwide, superstar phenomenon; she changed the direction of the modeling industry. Kate Upton was really this trailblazer that lead the way for the Ashley Grahams of the world and everything you’re seeing happen that’s different in fashion right now.”

Congratulations, Kate!

Five years after her last work with GMA-7, actress Janice de Belen is finally returning to the Kapuso network through her upcoming new dram...

Janice de Belen returns to GMA-7

Five years after her last work with GMA-7, actress Janice de Belen is finally returning to the Kapuso network through her upcoming new drama, "Destined to be Yours". 

As reported on PEP News, the actress, who was last seen on GMA Network through "Magic Palayok" and "Dwarfina" in 2011, previously hinted about an upcoming drama when she posted a photo with rising star, Maine Mendoza. 

The said drama was recently reported to be the "Eat Bulaga!" starlet and her onscreen partner Alden Richards' first television drama together. 

de Belen confirmed her participation in the drama back on 18 December with a photo of an envelope with her name and her character "Sally Obispo" written on the top, and captioned it, "2017!" 

de Belen has been moving from ABS-CBN to GMA and vice versa since her debut. However, the actress did stay for a long time with the Kapuso network in the noughties before signing with the Kapamilya network again in 2012. 

Her last ABS-CBN drama was "Be My Lady", which concluded its broadcast last month. 

On the other hand, her daughter Inah de Belen also signed a contract with GMA last August. 

(Photo Source: Janice de Belen)

Photo: chelseahandler/Instagram When Kim Kardashian poses nude, she does so for money, or magazines. But Chelsea Handler, on the other ...

Are Chelsea Handler's Nipples the Key to World Peace?

Photo: chelseahandler/Instagram

When Kim Kardashian poses nude, she does so for money, or magazines. But Chelsea Handler, on the other hand, is exposing her breasts for feminism and world peace — seriously. The comedian, who is currently visiting Israel, posed sitting on top of a camel topless with Stars of David as nipple covers. She posted the photo on Instagram with the caption, “A Muslim allowed a topless Jew to sit on his camel. And we say we can’t live side by side? I say we try and we can and we will. And, You don’t even have to be topless. L’chaim.”

Handler is in the Holy Land for a fundraiser supporting Sheba Medical Center’s Tal Center for Integrative Oncology. She also reportedly interviewed former Israeli president Shimon Peres for her upcoming documentary series on Netflix. The provocateur’s high-profile interview could indicate her turn toward becoming a more serious talk show host and documentarian. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 91-year-old political figure spoke to the funny lady about his life achievements, tenure as president, his relationship with Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, and more.

Handler is a known provocateur. In October, she sat on a horse without a shirt to mimic a similar pic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Anything a man can do, a woman has the right to do better. #kremlin,” she wrote alongside the post, which received hundreds of thousands of likes as well as international media attention. Shortly after Handler shared the photo, it was removed because it violated the photo-sharing app’s community guidelines that restrict “violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos.” 

Handler’s topless posts work double duty in raising awareness to specific causes. Not only is she highlighting tensions within a war-torn part of the world, and calling out sexism, she’s also bringing attention to #freethenipple by baring her (oddly perky) breasts by baring them to her 1.5 million followers. The campaign hopes to start a conversation surrounding current censorship laws that deem women’s nipples indecent (even though men’s are considered acceptable). Let’s hope the best-selling author’s areolae continue to be a symbol for hot-button issues. Can you Handler it?  

As if the stakes weren't high enough already for Harry Styles' much anticipated debut solo single, "Sign of the Times,"...

Harry Styles Hangs From a Helicopter on 'Sign of the Times' Video Set

As if the stakes weren't high enough already for Harry Styles' much anticipated debut solo single, "Sign of the Times," imagine what it looks like 100 feet in the air dangling from a helicopter.

It's with that vantage the One Direction heartthrob was shooting his music video for the song, as The Sun reports, hovering above remote farmland shoreline in Scotland earlier this week.

The U.K. tabloid obtained dozens of photos from Styles' video shoot, which looks pretty extreme to say the least.

Last week Styles announced "Sign of the Times" would be released this Friday, sharing the single artwork on social media.

See one of the photos from his video shoot here:

Britney Spears has always been thought of as an NSync kinda gal, thanks to her relationship with Justin Timberlake, but she was a fan of th...

Britney Spears Walks Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough on a Leash During Las Vegas Show

Britney Spears has always been thought of as an NSync kinda gal, thanks to her relationship with Justin Timberlake, but she was a fan of the Backstreet Boys too.

The singer proved it by summoning Backstreet’s Howie Dorough to the stage during her “Piece of Me” show Saturday at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Spears herded Dorough with a whip — while he was on all fours — during her rendition of “Freakshow.” They’ve come a long way since the days of her schoolgirl uniform and BSB’s cheesy matching suits!

And what is it about ’90s pop stars checking out each other’s shows lately? (Other than the convenience of not having to leave Las Vegas to do so — the city is chock-full of artists who were tearing up the charts roughly 20 years ago.)

Just last month, former NSync-er Joey Fatone stopped by the Backstreet Boys’ own Planet Hollywood show, “Larger Than Life” and, after being pulled onstage, planted a kiss on Nick Carter. After all, it’s been a long time since NSync and the Backstreet Boys were radio rivals.

Is Kendall Jenner the choice of a new generation? Pepsi certainly thinks so. The soft drink brand chose the 21-year-old model and real...

Watch Kendall Jenner’s Get Political in Weird New Pepsi Ad

Is Kendall Jenner the choice of a new generation?

Pepsi certainly thinks so. The soft drink brand chose the 21-year-old model and reality star for its new ads. And they’re very different from the famous commercial that model Cindy Crawford did for the company in 1992.

In this one, Jenner, who’s glammed up in a blond wig for a photo shoot on a city street, sees that protests in the name of peace, love, and, uh, conversation are going on around her. The peer pressure eventually gets to Kendall and she pulls off her fake hair, wipes away her (presumably) Estée Lauder lipstick, and offers a cop a Pepsi as the crowd cheers. By the end of the commercial, Jenner is leading the charge of a racially diverse group of young people in a walk down the street as the audience is told to “live bolder, live louder, live for now.”

Jenner endorsed Hillary Clinton for president last year. She also promoted Rock the Vote, posing as the iconic Rosie the Riveter.

But she’s known much more for leading fashion trends than protests. On Friday, for instance, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star stepped out wearing what’s being called “invisible jeans.” See? The ankles and the tops of the jeans were fully visible, but we had to trust that the middle of the jeans were there … somewhere.

Please, no one follow her on this one.

The 89th Academy Awards show was certainly one for the books. After it was all said and done, front-runner "La La Land" won 6 o...

Oscars 2017: Complete winners list

The 89th Academy Awards show was certainly one for the books. After it was all said and done, front-runner "La La Land" won 6 out of its 14 total nominations including best actress and best director.

But the most shocking moment of the night went to "Moonlight," which won best picture, after "La La Land" was mistakenly announced.

"This is not a joke," a producer from "La La Land" said while standing on stage, correcting the big error. Then, the cast and crew of "Moonlight" eventually took the stage and accepted the award.

In addition to the best picture win, "Moonlight's" Mahershala Ali took home his first Oscar for best actor in a supporting role and the film's writers Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney won for best adapted screenplay.

"Fences'" Viola Davis also took home her first Oscar for best supporting actress and got an enthusiastic standing ovation from the crowd.

'Moonlight' wins best picture after 'La La Land' mistakenly announced

"I became an artist and thank God I did because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life," she exclaimed while breaking down as she thanked her parents, her sisters and her husband and child.

Casey Affleck and Emma Stone chose to pay homage to their fellow nominees. Affleck called Denzel Washington "one of the first people who taught me how to act." Stone said, "it's such an honor to stand beside you!" and added, "Ryan Gosling, thank you for making me laugh and being the greatest partner."

Here's the complete winners list:

Best actor in a supporting role

Mahershala Ali – "Moonlight" -- WINNER
Jeff Bridges - "Hell or High Water"
Lucas Hedges – "Manchester by the Sea"
Dev Patel - "Lion"
Michael Shannon - "Nocturnal Animals"
Best makeup and hairstyling

"A Man Called Ove"
"Star Trek Beyond"
"Suicide Squad" -- WINNER
Best costume design

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" -- WINNER
"Florence Foster Jenkins"
"La La Land"
Best documentary feature

"Fire at Sea"
"I Am Not Your Negro"
"Life Animated"
"O.J.: Made in America" -- WINNER
Best sound editing

"Arrival" -- WINNER
"Deepwater Horizon"
"Hacksaw Ridge"
"La La Land"
Best sound mixing

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
"Hacksaw Ridge" -- WINNER
"La La Land"
"13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi"
Best actress in a supporting role

Viola Davis — "Fences" -- WINNER
Naomie Harris — "Moonlight"
Nicole Kidman — "Lion"
Octavia Spencer — "Hidden Figures"
Michelle Williams — "Manchester by the Sea"
Best foreign language film

A brief history of the OscarsPlay videoA brief history of the Oscars
"Land of Mine" (Denmark)
"A Man Called Ove" (Sweden)
"The Salesman" (Iran) -- WINNER
"Tanna" (Australia)
"Toni Erdmann" (Germany)
Best animated short film

"Blind Vaysha"
"Borrowed Time"
"Pear Cider and Cigarettes"
"Piper" -- WINNER
Best animated feature film

"Kubo and the Two Strings"
"My Life as a Zucchini"
"The Red Turtle"
"Zootopia" -- WINNER
Best production design

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"
"Hail, Caesar!"
"La La Land" -- WINNER
Best visual effects

"Deepwater Horizon"
"Doctor Strange"
"The Jungle Book" -- WINNER
"Kubo and the Two Strings"
"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
Best film editing

"Hacksaw Ridge" -- WINNER
"La La Land"
"Hell or High Water"
Best live action short film

"Ennemis Intérieurs"
"La Femme et le TGV"
"Silent Nights"
"Sing" -- WINNER
Best documentary short subject

"4.1 Miles"
"Joe's Violin"
"Watani: My Homeland"
"The White Helmets" -- WINNERS
Best cinematography

"La La Land" -- WINNER
Best original score

"La La Land" -- WINNER
Best original song

"Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" — "La La Land"
"Can't Stop the Feeling" — "Trolls"
"City of Stars" — "La La Land" -- WINNER
"The Empty Chair" — "Jim: The James Foley Story"
"How Far I'll Go" — "Moana"
Best original screenplay

"Hell or High Water"
"La La Land"
"The Lobster"
"Manchester by the Sea" -- WINNER
"20th Century Women"
Best adapted screenplay

"Hidden Figures"
"Moonlight" -- WINNER
Best directing

Damien Chazelle — "La La Land" -- WINNER
Mel Gibson — "Hacksaw Ridge"
Barry Jenkins — "Moonlight"
Kenneth Lonergan — "Manchester by the Sea"
Denis Villeneuve — "Arrival"
Best lead actor

Casey Affleck — "Manchester by the Sea" -- WINNER
Andrew Garfield — "Hacksaw Ridge"
Ryan Gosling — "La La Land"
Viggo Mortensen — "Captain Fantastic"
Denzel Washington — "Fences"
Best lead actress

Isabelle Huppert — "Elle"
Ruth Negga — "Loving"
Natalie Portman — "Jackie"
Emma Stone — "La La Land" -- WINNER
Meryl Streep — "Florence Foster Jenkins"
Best picture

"Hacksaw Ridge"
"Hell or High Water"
"Hidden Figures"
La La Land
"Manchester by the Sea"
"Moonlight" -- WINNER

Emily Ratajkowski is not shy about her body! The Gone Girl star was vacationing in Cancun, Mexico, on Thursday, where she rolled down her...

Emily Ratajkowski Goes Completely Topless While Vacationing in Mexico -- See the NSFW Pic!

Emily Ratajkowski is not shy about her body!

The Gone Girl star was vacationing in Cancun, Mexico, on Thursday, where she rolled down her black one-piece swimsuit, leaving very little to the imagination as she sunbathed in the ocean.


The 25-year-old model also shared some photos of her bathing suit to Instagram, facetiously captioning one pic, "Having a terrible time."
A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

"Breakfast on the beach," Ratajkowski captioned another cheeky shot.

A video posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on
And the "Blurred Lines" video star opted to go top-down for an Instagram video, writing, "When you're too excited about vacation."

Of course, being comfortable in her own skin is nothing new for Ratajkowski, who just this week, shared a totally nude photo on Instagram.

Alden Richards has laughed off rumours saying that he is currently dating a "mystery girlfriend".  According to PEP News, rum...

Alden Richards denies "mystery girlfriend"

Alden Richards has laughed off rumours saying that he is currently dating a "mystery girlfriend". 

According to PEP News, rumours of Richards' love life sparked recently with sources claiming that he met the said woman at an event for Coke and was recently seen on a date with her in Makati City. 

The woman, who is not from showbiz, reportedly is an heiress of a rich family hailing from Pampanga. 

Richards, however, denied the rumours on Facebook, saying that he was perplexed by the rumours. 

"I just wanna make it clear that I don't have a mystery girlfriend. The only time I went to a posh village in Makati was when I visited Dra. Vicki Belo [and her daughter] Scarlet Snow, with some staff from Artist Center," he said. 

(Photo source: facebook.com/AldenRichards)

Gigi Hadid walking the Victoria’s Secret runway. (Photo: Getty Images) Gigi Hadid walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the ...

Gigi Hadid Suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Gigi Hadid walking the Victoria’s Secret runway. (Photo: Getty Images)

Gigi Hadid walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the second time recently, an event she described as a “dream” come true. “I will never be able to put into words how much being in this show means to me and how inspired I am by the people I get to work with,” she shared on Instagram. Yet one part of the “magical” experience that didn’t quite go as planned for the model? A wardrobe malfunction.

As the 21-year-old was strutting her stuff down the runway in Paris’s Grand Palais wearing large feather wings and a black bodysuit featuring straps intricately arranged in a geometric pattern, one of the pieces snapped. And with all of the interconnected pieces, it seemed like the entire bodysuit could’ve completely unraveled before onlookers’s very eyes.

Gigi Hadid's bodysuit broke mid-strut.
Gigi Hadid’s bodysuit broke mid-strut. (Photo: Getty Images)

Yet the professional (she beat out her sister Bella Hadid and BFF Kendall Jenner for the Model of the Year Award for a reason) just kept on walking despite the mishap, and avoided disaster.

A close-up view of Gigi Hadid's broken bodysuit. 
A close-up view of Gigi Hadid’s broken bodysuit. (Photo: Getty Images)

She still celebrated in the end, too.

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner celebrate at the end of the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner celebrate at the end of the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. (Photo: Getty Images)
But, if you didn’t happen to catch the fashion fluke when the show aired on Monday night, there’s a good reason for that. The event, which taped on Nov. 30, gets two run throughs. Just in case incidents like this happen to arise, producers can cut it out for the final airing for television viewers.

(Photo: Love Magazine/Instagram) More And on the third day of Christmas –er, December, Love magazine has given us Rita Ora in lederhose...

Rita Ora Goes Topless and Flashes Her Undies in the Latest Racy Love Advent Video

(Photo: Love Magazine/Instagram)
And on the third day of Christmas –er, December, Love magazine has given us Rita Ora in lederhosen.

Every year the publication features models in sexy, silly and down-right perplexing get-ups in its 25-days-to-Christmas-countdown.

(Photo: Love Magazine/Instagram)View photos

But on Saturday, Ora, 26, offered an ode to the legendary swing group, The Andrew Sisters. Portraying all three of them and dancing along to their hit 1940s song “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” One difference in Ora’s rendition? The singer was wearing almost nothing, as she donned lederhosen and a pair of heart-shaped pasties in one of her many looks.

In the short video, seen above, Ora flashes and moons the audience and swings along to the beat of the classic tune.

Her other outfits for the video were also German-inspired, with a cheeky twist. Lifting up her skirt, Ora revealed underwear with a red heart, and one pair with the word “Love” written on the front. The suspender-clad lederhosen look was modernized with over-the-knee leather boots and her other ensembles featured white lace garter tights.

To start out the annual advent calendar, Bella Hadid dressed up as a sexy fitness instructor and Irina Shayk provided her iteration of Demi Moore‘s iconic pottery-making scene in the film Ghost.

After that brutal Season 7 premiere, the rest of the season has sped by, and “Sing Me a Song” — featuring some iconic moments between Car...

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: We Are… the Saviors “Sing Me a Song”

After that brutal Season 7 premiere, the rest of the season has sped by, and “Sing Me a Song” — featuring some iconic moments between Carl and Negan that are ripped right from today’s headlines, er, 2012’s comics — leads us right into next week’s midseason finale. Here’s where Rick’s group members are, what they’re planning, and hints about who that midseason ender might go very, very badly for.

Carl and Negan
Carl and Jesus are both stowaways on that Savior supply truck headed towards the Sanctuary, and when they’re close to the Saviors’ home base, Jesus suggests jumping out and trailing them the rest of the way. Carl tells him to show him how first, and when Jesus jumps out, Carl stays in the truck and waves at Jesus as it continues to drive away. Carl really wants to kill him some Negan.

And he gets a chance; when the truck pulls inside the base, Carl sees the staked walkers surrounding the place, then selects a weapon — a big ol’ machine gun — from the stash the Saviors took from the Hilltop. He suddenly hears Negan’s voice outside the truck, just as one of the Saviors spots Carl inside. Carl shoots and kills him, then edges out of the truck and tells everyone to drop their weapons. “I only want Negan,” he says. “He killed my friends. No one else needs to die.”

Negan hears the commotion and comes over to investigate. “Damn! You are adorable,” he tells gun-totin’ Carl. “Did you pick that gun ‘cuz it looks cool? Kid, I ain’t gonna lie. You scare the shit out of me!”

Carl shoots another Savior, and Dwight tackles him from the side and knocks him to the ground. Daryl, who’s still attired in his sad A sweatsuit and who is working in the walker yard, comes over and realizes Carl is the one at the center of the ruckus. Negan offers Carl a hand to help him up, telling him he wants to show him around. Carl just looks at him, prompting Negan to tell him he does “the same damn stink eye as your dad, except it’s only half as good, because, you know…”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Joshua Hoover as Fat Joey  (Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Negan’s now ticked Carl won’t take his hand, and tells him he’s lucky he still has it, like his buddy Daryl, who’s still looking on. Negan warns Daryl his job fending off the staked walkers would be more difficult with only one arm, and getting the implicit threat, Carl takes his hand and Negan tells Dwight to take Daryl off to prep a snack for him. Negan laments that he’s not even going to have time to “screw any of my wives today,” though says he’ll make time for one, and looks directly at Dwight.

Carl asks what Negan has planned for him.

“Number one, do not shatter my image of you. You’re a badass. You’re not scared of s–t, don’t be scared of me, it’s a disappointment,” Negan says, in one of the character’s rants that is taken directly from the comic book. “Number two, you really want me to ruin the surprise? Screw you, kid. Seriously, screw you.” Negan takes Carl into the Sanctuary and whispers, “Check this out.”

Negan walks to a railing, and a large crowd of Saviors below dropped to a kneeling position. “The Saviors have gone out into the world and fought the dead and come back with some really good stuff,” he tells his people. “Some of that stuff can be yours if you work hard and play by the rules.” He tells them they’re all getting fresh veggies for dinner, no points necessary, and they clap.

“You see that? Respect! Cool, huh?” Negan says to a clearly impressed Carl. Which is nothing compared to Carl’s reaction when Negan takes him into the room where all his wives are hanging out. “Every woman here dresses like they do the books at an auto shop,” he quips to Carl about the short, tight, sleeveless dresses the women are wearing. He tells Carl to look at their breasts, that they won’t mind.

Taking a brief break from that creepiness, Negan calls Sherry — Dwight’s ex who appears to be Negan’s preferred apocalyptic wife — over for a private conversation. He asks her what happened with Mark and Amber. She refuses to answer at first, but then tells him Amber made a mistake, and that he should go easy on her.

“I ever hit one of you?” Negan asks.

“No,” Sherry says, “but I know you. There’s worse.”

Negan puts a bottle of beer in Carl’s hand, then chats with Amber. He reminds her she could reunite with Mark, and give up her life as one of his wives, which would mean returning to her old job. He doesn’t specify what that is, but the thought of it is enough to make her cry, apologize for “cheating” on him with Mark, and tell him, “I love you, Negan.”

“Of course you do, darlin’,” he says. “I don’t know why you’re crying… it’s all going to work out aces for you.”

Negan then tells Sherry to get Dr. Carson, and she calls him an asshole. “I know!” he tells her. “But the messed up thing is, you like me anyway. You know the truth, just like me.” The two kiss, a deep, passionate kiss that Sherry is into. Just then Dwight and Daryl walk in, bringing the food Negan ordered. Negan carries on with the kiss, aware Dwight is watching.

Photo: AMC

Negan comes over and picks up a piece of food from the tray with a toothpick, and Daryl speaks for the first time, asking why Negan has Carl there. Negan tells him it’s none of his business, and threatens to put the toothpick through Carl’s only remaining eye. Daryl’s ordered to go mop, and Negan tells Dwight to fire up the furnace. “Time for a little déjà vu,” he further taunts “Dwightie Boy.”

While Dwight’s readying the punishment tools, Negan takes Carl to his bedroom, telling him he wants to get to know him better. Carl asks if all those women are really his wives. “I always wanted to screw a whole bunch of different women,” Negan proudly explains. “Why settle for just one? Why follow the same old roles? Why not make life better?”

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He tells Carl he knows how smart he is, that he was ambitious enough to come after Negan. But he’s also smart enough to know Negan can’t let him get away with killing two of his men. Then he switches tactics, ordering Carl to unwrap the bandage around his eye wound. Carl refuses. “Do you really wanna piss me off?” Negan warns. Carl, now visibly rattled, removes the bandage to reveal an empty eye socket. “Christ! That’s disgusting,” Negan yells at the teen. “No wonder you cover that up!

“Have you seen it?” he continues. “Have you looked in the mirror? That is gross as hell. I can see your socket.”

Carl’s crying now, and Negan tells him it’s easy to forget he’s just a kid. He says he didn’t mean to hurt Carl’s feelings. Fat Joey comes in at this point to bring Lucille to Negan. He forgot his trademark weapon outside, and after making a foul joke about the bat and female genitalia, he dismisses Joey and tries to play the nice half of his head games with Carl. “You look rad as hell,” Negan says. “I wouldn’t cover that shit up. It may not be a hit with the ladies, but I swear to you, no one is going to screw with you looking like that, no sir!”

He tells Carl he’s been busting balls, something Rick should be teaching Carl about. Then he switches to Bad Negan again, and tells Carl he wants him to sing a song. “You mowed down two of my men with a machine gun… I want something in return for that,” Negan orders. “Sing me a song.”

Carl says he doesn’t know any, but Negan tells him to sing something his mom used to sing it him, or something he heard while in the car with his dad. And as Negan stands up and begins swinging Lucille around the room, Carl tearfully begins to sing “You Are My Sunshine.” Lucille likes that, Negan reports. “It’s the only thing she lives more than bashing in brains.”

Negan asks Carl about Lori, where she is now. When Carl’s silence offers an answer, Negan asks what happened to her. Carl says he’s the one who shot her. Negan: “Damn, no wonder you’re a little serial killer in the making.”

He tells Carl that was an example of breaking balls, by the way, and tells him they’re going somewhere else, because “it” should be ready.

The iron, he means. When he and Carl join the Saviors — and Daryl — kneeling around the furnace, Carl sees a man, Mark, tied to a chair. Negan tells everyone what is about to happen will be hard to watch, and he wishes he didn’t have to do it, but he does. “Why?” he asks of his people.

Photo: AMC

“The rules keep us alive!” they all shout in unison back at him.

“We survive. We provide security to others. We bring civilization back to this world,” Negan says. “We are… the Saviors. But we can’t do that without rules. Rules are what make it all work.”

Daryl and Dwight look at each other, with Daryl realizing what had happened to Dwight after he and Sherry stole Daryl’s motorcycle.

Dwight passes off the hot iron to Negan, who puts it against the side of Mark’s face, near his eye. Mark screams, and soon mercifully passes out from the pain. Negan makes fun of Mark for wetting himself, and orders Daryl to mop up the mess. He calls Mark the P-word (the word that is used way too often in primetime, just sayin’) for passing out, but says everything is square now. He reminds his people that this is a lesson about following the rules, and tells Carl they need to go figure out what to do with him.

The two head back to Negan’s room, where he demands Carl not redress his eye yet. But Carl’s regained his composure and his sass. He tells Negan he doesn’t think he’s going to do anything to him, not punish him at all for killing his men. “If you knew us, if you knew anything, you would kill us,” Carl says. “But you can’t.” Negan says maybe he’s right, and puts Carl behind the wheel of a supply truck. Daryl’s nearby, and Negan tells him he seemed worried about Carl, so he’s taking him home. “If you do anything to him…” Daryl starts, and Negan yells for Dwight to give Daryl a time out in his box. As Daryl walks by the back of the truck, he looks up, where Jesus is hiding out on top. When Carl pulls the truck away, Jesus is gone.

Photo: AMC
When Negan’s truck and another Savior supply truck reach Alexandria, Negan knocks on Rick’s door. Olivia answers and is terrified to see who’s on the other side. He walks in, with Carl, and when she tells him Rick is out on a supply run, because they’re practically starving, Negan cruelly mocks her, aiming the jab at her weight. She turns and starts crying, and Negan tells Carl, “You people really don’t have a sense of humor.”

He turns back to Olivia then, apologizing for being rude to her. Since they have some time to pass before Rick returns, he says, “If you’d like, I think it would be enjoyable to screw your brains out. If you’re agreeable to it.”

Olivia is not. And she slaps him, hard, across the face. He’s rattled, briefly, but then smiles and tells her, “I am about 50 percent more into you now.” He asks her to be a lamb and make he and Carl some lemonade, and orders Carl to give him a tour of Casa Grimes in the meantime. In Carl’s room, Negan takes off his shoes and wiggles his toes in the carpet. And then he heads for a closed door, and Carl’s too late to stop him. It’s Judith’s room… Judith, the baby Negan knew nothing about, until now. He picks her up from her crib; “Look at this little angel.”

Outside on the front porch with Carl by his side and Judith on his lap, Negan tells Carl he was thinking about what Carl said earlier. “Maybe it is stupid keeping you and your dad alive. I mean, why am I trying so hard?” he says. “Maybe I should just bury you both down in one of those flower beds… and I could settle into the suburbs.”

He seals his thoughts with a kiss to Judith’s head.

Remember when Michonne told Carl she needed to think about some thangs before she decided if she could be fully onboard with Rick’s plan to go along with Negan’s demands? And remember when she told Rick she had not hidden any additional guns? Lies, all lies. Her big plan was to walk along the road she knows the Saviors drive on (i.e. the road where she saw they had dumped and burned the mattresses they took from Alexandria — nice callback), whistle to draw walkers from the woods, kill them, and pile up their bodies to build a barricade across the road.

When one of the Savior women, Isabelle, is forced to stop because of the little wall of walkers, Michonne pops up and puts her katana to Isabelle’s head, and tells her, “Take me to Negan.” They get into Isabelle’s truck, and she starts to drive, slams on the brakes and tries to wrest away the gun Michonne’s now holding on her, but Michonne regains control, cocks the gun, and repeats, “Take me to Negan.”

Has Negan pushed Dwight too far? Whether it was seeing Negan and Sherry make out, having to prepare the iron that did to Mark what Negan did to his own face after he and Sherry ran off, or simply coming to believe there can be a resistance to Negan’s way, Dwight appears to have had enough. When he and Sherry meet up in the stairwell to share a cigarette, he lets her know he knows she gave up Mark and Amber. He tells her he can’t sleep, being one of Negan’s minions. She says they made their deal with Negan, and that it was only supposed to affect them. “If you’re still standing, it’s always on someone else’s back,” he tells her.

Later, when Daryl is back in his box, a piece of paper is slipped under the door to him. It has a key taped to it, and the words “GO NOW” are scrawled on it. Dwight’s handiwork?

Rosita and Eugene
Rosita’s dragging Eugene off on a secret mission: to that bullet factory he and Abraham visited, so Eugene can fashion a bullet for the gun no one else but the two of them know she has. Once there, Eugene tries to get her to “slow your roll,” pointing out to her how dangerous, and suicidal, her plan to kill Negan could be. She tells him she’s willing to pay the price to make him pay for killing Abe, but Eugene points out that they’ve seen that the Saviors’ punishment isn’t always aimed at the one who ticks them off. Besides, he tells her, “It doesn’t matter if you’re stealthy, snipey, gun or knifey… Abraham was right, they have the numbers.”

That just angers her, and Rosita gets nasty with Eugene. “You don’t know anything. You don’t do anything,” she tells him. “You’re a coward, and you’re weak. The only reason you’re alive is because you lied and because people feel sorry for you. So for once, do something useful, and make me a bullet.” He does.

Later, Rosita thanks him, and apologizes for what she says, but Eugene rejects it, calling it insincere. “You meant it, you felt it, that’s your truth,” he tells her. “I’d like to take it back to awkward silence now.”

Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe  (Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Spencer tells Rosita they have to go scavenge goodies for Negan; it’s like paying taxes he says. He even tells her he thinks he could do better than Rick, and he and Father Gabriel set off in a car to bring back some of that tax payment Negan’s expecting during his next visit.

Rick’s threats and the fact that Spencer has whipped himself into a grudge against Rick for the death of his family leads him to ask Gabriel if it’s a sin to hate someone. Because he hates Rick. Gabriel, who certainly went through his own anti-Ricktatorship phase, defends his friend. “He didn’t just keep people alive,” he tells Spencer. “He brought us all together… he’s not perfect, but he’s a man who finds his way.”

Spencer’s having none of it. “Maybe the only good thing that could happen to us now is [Rick] never makes it back,” he tells Gabriel. Who isn’t having any of that. He makes Spencer stop the car, as he’s returning home. “What you’re saying doesn’t make you a sinner,” he tells Spencer. “But it does make you a tremendous s–t. For now. It doesn’t have to be terminal.”

Spencer continues on his mission, and finds a walker standing on a platform up in a tree in the woods. The walker has a bow, so Spencer uses rope to rig a system to knock the walker and the bow down. He gets it, and when he searches the walker’s pockets, he finds a note, written in Latin.

When we next see Spencer, he’s pulling into Alexandria with a car full supplies: food, water purifiers, all kinds of goodies. He runs into the returning Eugene and Rosita and explains he found a note that detailed, in Latin, directions to some guy’s hidden stash. He’s going to give it to Negan, he tells Rosita, and “I’m gonna do more than that.” Spencer has a plan… that can’t be good for anyone, probably for Spencer least of all, especially when they all see the Saviors’ trucks and note that Negan has returned to Alexandria as threatened.

Photo: AMC

Rick and Aaron
Rick and Aaron wake up in the back of a supply truck, determined to find some preparations for the next time Negan comes banging on the gates of Alexandria. “We have today, and only today, to find something,” Rick says. “They could be back by tomorrow. They could be back now.”

The two stumble upon an area protected by a wooden gate with a sign that warns them: “Keep going. Only thing here for you is trouble.” They do keep going, onto the forbidden property, where they get to another sign. “The only way that you have possibly read this far without being shot is that I am dead,” it reads. It also indicated there is food, ammo, and other supplies nearby, and as they walk further, they see where the supplies are: on a floating structure in the middle of a lake that is stocked with live walkers. There is a rowboat in the water, but…

“Today, and only today, right?” Aaron says

So, to recap our recap: Carl has survived killing two of Negan’s men, but has brought the enemy to his doorstep, and more frighteningly, to his baby sister; Rick and Aaron may have found a big cache of supplies, but are currently away from home when Negan is sitting on Rick’s front porch with Carl and Judith; Daryl has been given the key to his escape from the Sanctuary, while Michonne is headed to the Saviors’ lair; Rosita has a gun, but has cruelly dismissed Eugene’s good advice; and Spencer has supplies, but an unfortunate sense that he could be a better leader than Rick… All of that should make for an eventful midseason finale.

Zombie Bites:

* Michonne whistling “The Farmer in the Dell” to lure out her road hurdle walkers had to be an homage to Omar Little, given what self-professed fans of The Wire Robert Kirkman and other TWD writers — who’ve already cast three Wire alums on the show — are.

* There is so little to like about Spencer, but it is nice that he finally appreciates how great his mom, Deanna, was. An especially touching callback in this ep: he says taking Latin in school was a pain in the butt, but she told him at the time it was a pain that would be useful to him someday. Clearly, it was. It’s also the message Deana wrote, in Latin, in Season 6’s “Now.” “Dolor hic tibi proderit olim,” she penned on her plans for Alexandria’s expansion, which literally translates to “This pain will be useful to you.”

* Much of the great Carl/Negan interaction in the episode is taken directly from issue 105 of TWD comic book, which was published in December 2012.

* Without delving into spoilers, fans really anxious to get more of Negan’s backstory may want to check out the “Here’s Negan” comic in Image Plus magazine. We learn why he adapted his irreverent, funny guy ‘tude, and how Carl is not the first impressionable young man he’s shared his philosophies about women with.

— The walker from the platform in the tree, the one who appeared to be staking out something, the one whose bow and supply note Spencer snagged … do we think he might be the same guy who owns the supplies Rick and Aaron found at the lake?

* Where’s Jesus? Daryl spotted him on top of the supply truck Negan was in, but then he was missing when the truck pulled away… did he slip into the back? Or under the truck? In other words, are his much-needed skills heading to Alexandria, or stuck behind at the Sanctuary for the midseason finale showdown in Alexandria?

* Janis Martin’s “Bang Bang” is the song playing during Negan’s tour of Rick’s house.

O.K., Dead-heads, let’s hear your reactions to “Sing Me a Song”: Father Gabriel tells Spencer his current creepiness against Rick doesn’t have to be terminal creepiness, but anyone else not laying down big odds of Spencer making it out of Season 7 — maybe even the next episode — alive? Was that key slipped to Daryl in his box the literal key to his escape, or a trick? What will Michonne do at the Sanctuary? Will Rick and Aaron come back with supplies, and will they make it back before Negan wraps Lucille around the head of any other Alexandrians?

Alden Richards is interested in working with his onscreen partner Maine Mendoza in more projects, but there is one type of movie that he ho...

Alden Richards wants action movie with Maine Mendoza

Alden Richards is interested in working with his onscreen partner Maine Mendoza in more projects, but there is one type of movie that he hopes to do with the actress one day.

As reported on PEP News, the actor, who answered several fan questions online via the Asian TV Awards' Twitter recently, shared that he and Mendoza have always been interested in filming an action movie. 

"An action-comedy-romance movie. So, hopefully, the next concept of the movie will be like that. Fingers crossed," replied Richards with a smile. 

The actor has already filmed two movies with Mendoza, "My Bebe Love" and "Imagine You and Me", since they were paired up through the variety show, "Eat Bulaga!". 

They also made a cameo in Vic Sotto's new movie, "Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers".

He also responded to another question about his most memorable movie role, naming his role in 2012's "The Road" as his best, saying, "I played a psycho killer [in "The Road"]. I miss playing psycho roles." 

Richards recently served as one of the hosts for this year's Asian Television Awards aside from Adrian Pang, Fiona Su, Baki Zainal and Stephanie Carrington. The event was held on 2 December in Singapore. 

(Photo source: instagram.com/aldenrichards02)

Disney isn’t waiting for the masses to get over their turkey hangovers, as the media conglomerate announced that tickets for Rogue One: A S...

'Star Wars' Fans Can Snap Up Advance 'Rogue One' Tickets Beginning, we are getting so excited

Disney isn’t waiting for the masses to get over their turkey hangovers, as the media conglomerate announced that tickets for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will go on sale November 28. Nerds everywhere will be able to secure their spot for the latest installment three weeks before the film will be released.

Expectations are high for the film, although it will reportedly buck trends from the original Star Wars installments. Don’t believe that? Well, the filmmakers are throwing fans through a loop by not including an opening crawl. Ruining childhoods aside, Rogue One follows its most immediate predecessor, The Force Awakens, which exceeded expectations with $100 million in advance ticket sales (and also made more than $247 million its opening weekend and blew past the $2 billion mark worldwide). However, Forbes projects Rogue One to land somewhere in the $130 million range for its debut weekend, so it will still be big, just not record-setting huge.

Many bothan spies would give their lives to make something even close to that box office total, but this is Star Wars, so insane ticket sales are to be expected. The film will see inevitable holiday competition, but it may become the holiday season winner.

Celebrities from Amy Schumer to Taylor Swift have shared their attempts at the #MannequinChallenge, but none have had the steamy twist that...

Joanna Krupa Goes Completely Nude for Her Version of the Mannequin Challenge

Celebrities from Amy Schumer to Taylor Swift have shared their attempts at the #MannequinChallenge, but none have had the steamy twist that Joanna Krupa brought.

The Real Housewives of Miami star, 37, decided to do try the viral obsession sweeping the Internet — but completely in the nude.

In the Instagram video, Krupa is seen lounging while reading a magazine near a window overlooking Chicago with her arms and legs strategically placed.

“Naughty way of relaxing on this gorgeous clear day at@parkhyattchicago reading@michiganavemag . And doing mannequin challenge my way,” she captioned a photo of her pose.

Krupa was sure to give her husband, Romain Zago, credit for the sultry shot.

The model is no stranger to baring it all on Instagram. For her Halloween costume last month, Krupa opted for body paint over fabric for her Miss Butterfly costume. She also shared a completely nude video on a balcony with a view of the beach from a recent photo shoot.

She’s also stripped down to raise awareness for orcas in SeaWorld Theme Parks. In the ads for PETA, Krupa’s body is painted to resemble one of the giant whales.

“I can only envision and feel the pain of these animals being stuck in a tiny aquarium,” she said of the living conditions at SeaWorld. “Normally orcas swim 100 miles a day. They’re free in the ocean. And here they’ve been captured since they were little babies.”